20 August 2017

21st August 1948: Go away!

Mild becoming cooler: very dismal, boisterous; rain commencing by late afternoon. Donald & Laurie eventually had to be told to go away. To butchers bought tin of corned beef for Katie also got her groceries. Bought haddock, plums etc. locally. Saw Wanstead CC score 149 for 4 against Merton I.

19 August 2017

20th August 1948: The first television set!

Mild, cloudy becoming dismal and very cool, only a sprinkling of rain. Got the meat and other rations locally then in afternoon to Morden to buy fish and a violin string. Saw a television set* working in the shop – the first I have seen. Gwennie called in morning the boys and Margaret in afternoon. Katie came back to-night after a weeks holiday at Worthing. The weather was very bad and she is glad to get back. She made me a present of a pair of cuff links.

*A 1948 Bush television, courtesy of  

18 August 2017

19th August 1948: Having a lark

Mild, cool at ends of day: some feeble sunshine. The three called: Gwennie decorated some poppy heads with coloured enamel. She came while I had dinner so gave her a little plate with a small dinner on it which she evidently enjoyed – it really was tasty. Laurie & Donald also came and we had a lark. Got Ciss’ shoes from repairers; also got fish & other things. Short cycle ride in evening.

17 August 2017

18th August 1948: Entertaining the children

Very mild by afternoon – cool at each end of day. Got the groceries and other things locally. Bought 4 lbs of lovely plums @ 6d per lb. All the children again. Gwennie & Laurie made two sets of dominoes out of cardboard also two little model houses with doors and windows. Margaret sat by me while I had dinner; I regaled her with tit bits from my plate: she is a little glutton and would always be eating: she had just had her own dinner. Cut the lawn. Short cycle ride in evening.

16 August 2017

17th August 1948: I do not play very hard...

Mild, rain, dull. All the children called. Gwennie came in afternoon and the rain kept her here which did not concern her in the least as she stayed to tea. I had previously played table tennis with her: she won both games. I do not play very hard of course.

15 August 2017

16th August 1948: Too old?

16 Mon. Very mild, some pleasant sunshine but a stiff breeze. The children called; played Sebastopol with them: Gwennie won. To Morden to buy fish. Took Ciss’ shoes for repair. Saw Arthur Child, Leonard Conley and a friend playing cricket on the playing fields: their friend was a very fast bowler. I bowled a few of my spinners at them but I am too old for cricket. Payed the Slate Club.

14 August 2017

15th August 1948: A happy time

15 Sun. Very mild, dull, cloudy. Ted & Beryl Green came to tea with their two boys Nigel and Terry: had a happy time. Only a short walk.

13 August 2017

14th August 1948: Improvement all round

14 Sat. Very mild after rain, some pleasant sunny periods: a great improvement: almost calm. Gwennie called to-day: she is getting better: she brought me a piece of her birthday cake. Posted the photos to Katie who is at Worthing. Did some shopping locally in afternoon: bought plums and tomatoes. To Wimbledon Common to fly the small spar model with fair results under fine conditions. The duration was not great as I had no-one to hold the model while I stretch-wound the rubber motor: anyway it flew as well as possible with that limitation.

12 August 2017

13th August 1948: A busy day

13 Fri. Cool for August; very dull; rain on and off all day. Got a piece of beef from the butchers, also bought a cake, sweets etc. locally. In afternoon to Wimbledon, bought fish also three plastic pastry cutters at Woolworths: they are in the shapes of cat, dog and rabbit respectively. Ciss will make some biscuits with them. Donald & Laurie called. Went to see Gwennie who is still in bed but is a bit better today: the doctor says she can get up a little while to-morrow. Made three prints of the photo I took of Katie & Franz.

11 August 2017

12th August 1948: No bike today...

12 Thur. Rather cool, very dull, boisterous SW wind. Dear Gwennie is 10 to-day. Unfortunately she is laid up with gastritis but will have a tea party on Sunday if she is better. Gwennie was delighted to hear that Cousin Len’s wife Doris had a baby girl to-day. Gwennie said it was the best present of all: the new baby’s name is Madeleine Joan. Donald, who said he was a Christian, and Laurie called. I decorated some poppy heads with blue and yellow celluloid enamel and Donald took them to Gwennie. Shopping locally and in Morden. Walk up Edge Hill and down the Downs in evening.

10 August 2017

11th August 1948: Liver AND bacon!

11 Wed. Very mild, very dull, rain till well in the afternoon: the sun seems to have forgotten us. Got the groceries & fish locally. Laurie and Donald played draughts. Had liver AND bacon to-day. It is rarely they come together nowadays. Gwennie is in bed with a gastric attack: went to see her. Rather unfortunate as her birthday is tomorrow. Developed successfully a photograph I took of Katie and Franz before they went on holiday to Worthing.

8 August 2017

9th August 1948: An improvement

9 Mon. Very mild, just a few sunny periods after rain, but an improvement to-day. The four children called: Margaret, in spite of being so young is very self-willed and violent: glad when she went home. Some shopping locally and in afternoon walked along rail path to Wimbledon: bought plastic pastry cutters for Gwennie; one was in the shape of a ginger-bread man and the other a dog. Short cycle ride in evening. Re-ground the valve seating of the water tap and put on a new washer: it does not drip now.

7 August 2017

8th August 1948: Stayed in all day...

8 Sun. Very mild, very dull, heavy downpour of rain all day. Stayed in all day and played Beethoven.

6 August 2017

7th August 1948: The four children

7 Sat. Rather warm afternoon; very dull, rain all day after rain all night. Bought a few things locally in afternoon. The four children came and played and quarrelled over the pinboard – especially Margaret. Gwennie brought a cycle tool bag she has just bought to show me: it is another birthday present. Fitted a new rivet to a pair of scissors and sharpened them.

5 August 2017

6th August 1948: A new toy

6 Fri. Very mild becoming cool, dismal, humid rain most of the day. Franz played the organ & piano but he liked pin bagatelle the best and could hardly be made to leave it. Did the shopping locally including buying a cake. Mrs. Conley did the usual Fri afternoon cleaning. As her boys are away Ann being lonely came here, so amused her. Cousin Maud bought an amusing present for Gwennie – a queer looking toy duck which, called Dilly, dips its beak at intervals into a tumbler of water and continues indefinitely: it is worked by some chemical action unknown to me.

4 August 2017

5th August 1948: Mild depression

5 Thur. Very mild, very dismal; rain till evening: very depressing. Did some shopping locally also in Morden. Fitted a new spar to the small spar model. Cousin Maud called, she is going to Cornwall for a holiday. Katie brought her nephew Franz to stay the night: played the organ to him.

3 August 2017

4th August 1948: Fred in charge!

4 Wed. Very mild, very dull and overcast. Got the groceries also for Katie. Bought vegetables and other things. The four children called; the boys were very unruly and had to send them home. Played the moonlight sonata rather better than usual. Posted Uncle Tom’s letter.

2 August 2017

2nd August 1948: Bank Holiday

2 Mon. August Bank Holiday. Rather warm becoming cooler; very dull, cloudy, rain setting in midday. Stayed indoors: no callers. Played the piano rather better than for some time. Wrote a letter to Uncle Tom.

3 Tues. Mild, very dull after rain. Bought fish in afternoon. The four children called and were very noisy: Margaret ate many dates and kept asking for more but I had to enforce the veto! To Mr. Hunt the builder to pay a bill: he was very friendly and showed me over the house to the delight of little Anita and Colin. Also to Harold who told me Aunt Hannah who came out of hospital for the weekend will be discharged on Thur. next and they say she is a cure.

1 August 2017

1 August 1948: Meeting friends

1 Sun. Very warm, fine sunny day without much wind. The three children called prior to Sunday School. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley came to tea. Sat in the garden and had a chat with Mr. Bradley while Mrs Bradley went to Church: Mr. is very shaky on his legs since he was bombed in 1944. Saw them off at the bus stop where we met Mrs. Akroyd, Lily Tyler (as was) and dearest Gladys McCappin. Saw Aunt Liza, Cousin Len was also there. Short cycle ride in evening.