23 July 2017

23rd July 1948: More than I want...

23 Fri. Very mild, some nice sunny periods; pleasant but scarcely summer weather. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. Bought a cake with chocolate icing. Gave Whitbourne a new front mudguard for which I have no use. The three children called and were somewhat riotous. They break up to-day and I expect I shall have more than I want of them. Cleaned thoroughly two bedrooms including washing the floors also washed and polished the hall floor. In evening took a lot of “pops” off the acacia tree to Jeanette and Margaret McAinsh: they were delighted; had a happy evening with them.

22 July 2017

22nd July 1948: Clearing out

22 Thur. Very mild, becoming much cooler. Some sunny periods, but cloudy, showers and a rainbow in evening: less wind. Got Katie’s groceries, also to butchers. Bought cats meat at Merton in afternoon. All four children called; Donald many times: they brought some old music books as they are clearing up to make way for the decorators who are doing up the house. Short ride in evening to see the lovely sunset and rainbow.

21 July 2017

21st July 1948: The Book of Wonders

21 Wed. Very mild, some moderate sunshine but a wind that was SW and very rough indeed: it blew down a branch from the ash tree. Got the groceries in morning and a few other things. Saw the boys and girls sports at Bushy School. Gwennie called; read her a chapter from “The Book of Wonders”. Started watering the garden again, it is getting dry.

20 July 2017

20th July 1948: Errands

20 Tues. Becoming rather warm, sunny afternoon, very stiff SW breeze. Bought fish at Merton, thence took Aunt Hannah’s ration book to Winnie: then to Aunt Liza’s. The three called. Tended the tomatoes and gave a dressing of superphosphate and nitrate of potash.

19 July 2017

19th July 1948: Overdressed?

19 Mon. Becoming rather warm in afternoon; fine sunny day but a stiff SW breeze. Bought sugar, fish in morning also another Surrey ramble book; this one for ourselves. Met Arthur Swift wearing an overcoat. Budded a briar stock with Lady Penzance. Did some work in garden including tying up the tomatoes.

18 July 2017

18th July 1948: A jolly time

18 Sun. Becoming rather warm by afternoon; fine and sunny, pleasant. A crowd of children called as usual including “our Annie”. Cycled to the Pontifexes at Worcester Park in evening and had a jolly time: as I told them there is no depression in their home. They are all so obviously pleased to see me. 

17 July 2017

17th July 1948: Rain stopped play

17 Sat. Mild, very dull and overcast, rain setting in in afternoon; no sunshine. Bought fish locally in afternoon also nitrate of potash and superphosphate of lime for the garden. Bought a book of rambles called “Thames-side Surrey” as a birthday present for Alb. To Wimbledon Common to see Holloway Bros second cricket eleven play but rain soon stopped play for the rest of the day.

16 July 2017

16th July 1948: Death of a friend

16 Fri. Very mild in the afternoon, very cloudy & dull with a threat of rain and the wind tends to veer from NW to SW. To the butchers etc. in morning; to Merton to buy cats meat in afternoon. Cycle ride to Robin Hood Gate in evening. We heard with regret of the death of Mr Conley at 8.30 this morning. He had been a heart sufferer for a great many years. A very serious and conscientious man who knew his condition and made the best of very limited physical powers. Did some house cleaning including scrubbing and polishing floors.

15 July 2017

15th July 1948: Making a phone call

15 Thur. Mild, very dull and overcast all day, slight showers in morning. Went with Katie to the telephone kiosk to get a number for her; she wanted to speak to her sister at Tolworth. She then went to Wimbledon to have attention from the dentist. To butchers in morning. To Wimbledon in afternoon; bought fish, also a memo. book, also a coloured Sorbo bouncing ball for Gwennie; she was delighted and took it to Cannon Hill Common with her mother and the others. Fitted new mudguard to cycle with a nice, long, front extension. Short ride in evening. Stewed some gooseberries: very nice.

14 July 2017

14th July 1948: Aunt Hannah doing well

14 Wed. Mild, some sunshine in morning otherwise cloudy and showers. Got ours and Katie’s groceries at Eyles in morning: bough fish and other things at Wimbledon. To Mrs. Child’s to pinch out the side shoots of the tomatoes. Also to Harold and Winnie’s to inquire after Aunt Hannah who is in hospital and is doing well. Picked some more black currants from the garden. Made some stewed red currants and loganberries and custard for tea. Gwennie & Margaret called.

13 July 2017

13th July 1948: Gwennie and friend

13 Tues. Mild, some sunshine in morning, dull, rain later. Fitted new mudguard to back wheel of bicycle. Bought fish in afternoon, also a paper. Gwennie called bringing the fair-haired girl Sylvia to see the garden. Short cycle ride in evening.

12 July 2017

12th July 1948: Rain all day

12 Mon. Very cool, dismal, rain till evening; less wind but it is still NW. Mr. Hart & his man came to fasten back the vent pipe at back of house as it had pulled away and was dangerous. Bought fish locally. Only a short ride in evening as it rained all day. The three children called on the way home from school to shelter from the rain.

11 July 2017

11th July 1948: Franz visits for 3 months

11 Sun. Mild, very dull all day; some slight drizzly showers. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called in morning. They called again before Sunday School, also many other children. Just at the same time Mrs. Alderton with her nephew Franz, a boy of 11 who has just come for a 3 months stay here from his native town Vienna called. So all the children saw him. He broke his arm a fortnight ago so it is still in splints. He is a good-looking boy but delicate. He has come here to be built up as the children in former enemy countries are half starved. He cannot speak English but he will go to school here. I showed him my aeroplanes.

10 July 2017

10th July 1948: Rage and roses

10 Sat. Rather cold, very dull and cloudy, cold driving NW wind. Gwennie & Donald called in morning and quarrelled violently until Donald went home in a rage. Bought fish & cats meat at Merton. Laurie called in afternoon and I played with him. Aunt Liza and Cousin Maud called in evening; gave Maud some roses.

9 July 2017

9th July 1948: Encouraging Gwennie

9 Fri. Very cold for July: very dull and cloudy with a very rough N wind. Bought the meat and other things locally also a cake. Bought a new high-tension battery at Merton; fitted it to the set with good results. Gwennie called and we played table tennis; she is improving. She beat me two games to one; of course I let her win to encourage her. Short walk along rail path in evening. The grass on the railway embankment was blazing furiously. While watching it I spoke to a delightful Devonshire man with a lovely, soft musical voice and dialect.

8 July 2017

8th July 1948: Splendid rhubarb

8 Thur. Mild at midday only, cold very rough N wind all day: a few periods of sunshine in morning otherwise very dull. Bought figs, sausage meat, and other things locally. In afternoon bought fish at a new shop near Beverley Bridge, Coombe Lane. Met Miss Dixon and made a few inquiries of her. Picked several pounds of splendid rhubarb in the garden. Attended to the tomato plants.

7 July 2017

7th July 1948: The parcel is posted

7 Wed. A very mild afternoon, but very dull all day with drizzly showers. Got the groceries at Eyles as usual on Wed. Took a food parcel for Austria to food office at Morden and posted it. Katie sends one occasionally to her underfed relatives at home. Gwennie with Margaret brought her dolls’ tea set and we all had a delightful dolls tea party. We drank milk out of diminutive tea cups and had broken pieces of cake on the miniature plates: Margaret took it very seriously.

6 July 2017

6th July 1948: That parcel again...

6 Tues. Mild, some sunny periods, getting cooler and boisterous but the weather is improving. Bought fish in Coombe Lane. Busy helping Katie to prepare a parcel to send to Austria. Did a lot of weeding in the garden. Short cycle ride in evening.

5 July 2017

5th July 1948: A wasted journey

5 Mon. Very cool, cloudy but some weak sunshine, very chilly boisterous wind. To buy fish locally. Took food parcel intended for Vienna for Katie to the food office but she made out the customs declaration incorrectly so brought the parcel back. Did a lot of weeding in the garden. To Harold & Winnie’s to inquire after Aunt Hannah.

4 July 2017

4th July 1948: Bournemouth rock

4 Sun. Very cool, dismal, downpour of rain all day without ceasing; windy. Gave the children a stick of Bournemouth rock brought home by Ciss yesterday. To Church in evening; heard a fine sermon by Rev. John Vivian. Am playing Beethoven again to-day.

3 July 2017

3rd July 1948: I imagined...

3 Sat. Very mild, a few sunny periods still a stiff NW breeze. To butchers in morning and fish shop in afternoon. Picked several pounds of loganberries, red currant and black-currants in garden in afternoon. Ciss made some into jam and saved sufficient for a pie tomorrow. The children called in morning. Cycle ride in evening; saw dear Winnie Bishop’s house at Malden. I imagined she was still there; my musing gave me pleasure: she has lived at Fulbrook, Cambs. for many years.

2 July 2017

2nd July 1948: Model aircraft

2 Fri. Rather cool, dull, windy but becoming calm at night. To the butchers, newsagents, fishmongers etc. Bought anti-asthma cigarettes for Aunt Liza in Morden. Flew the large aero on Wimbledon Common in evening but the area available for flying is now so small as to be impracticable except for very small models. A man with a fair-sized diesel-engined model was there but only to test it for a glide.

1 July 2017

1st July 1948: Investigating the fire

1 July. Thur. Rather cold, very dismal; nasty cold N wind. To butchers, got my rations – only one book this week as Ciss is away. In afternoon to Malden to see Uncle Ben who has been better for 2 or 3 days. Heard fire engine pass the top of this road in evening, heard them pull up so went to investigate. A large shed at the back of Adams & Butler was ablaze, opposite the Chase Station.: four engines and all the children of the neighbourhood were there. Katie gave me some plums and cherries: she is very good.