7 June 2017

A very special post

Dear Reader,
I am so very sorry to have to tell you that Tony, the editor of this blog, died on Thursday 25th May. It was sudden and unexpected: a heart attack while he slept. As you may have worked out from the blog, Tony was 75. His love of Uncle Fred, and his inheritance of Uncle Fred’s diaries were a special part of his life. 

I have been typing the entries for him to post for a few years now. Tony would then look in his collection for photos and interesting items, and search the web to add to the posts, and schedule them for a week or so in advance. It is ironic that he did not know that the young Tony will soon go on his first model aircraft excursion with Fred. An interest that caught hold!

I intend to continue the blog for Tony, as well as for Fred, and to add occasionally from Tony’s records. I hope that you will continue to enjoy reliving these post-war years through Uncle Fred’s diaries, and that you will continue to comment, and share your thoughts and memories.
My regards and my very best wishes,

Hilary French


  1. Dear Hilary
    Such sad, sad news. You'll find a note from me in Tony's email inbox.

    1. Thank you so much, Fern. I'm afraid I can't see your note in Tony's mail. Could you send it again to me, please. Thanks!

  2. The address I've been using is tony(AT)
    I've sent the message again - hope it reaches you this time.