17 June 2017

17th June 1948: Katie's Rations

17 Thur. Cool, dull morning after a night of rain; some sunny periods in afternoon but a very stiff SW breeze made it seem cold. Got Katie’s rations. To Morden to buy fish. Met Harold Rogers. Started weeding a garden path.

What were Katie’s rations in 1948
The weekly ration per person...

Bacon and Ham                      2 oz. (57 gm) per person a fortnight
Cheese                                     1½ oz. (43 gm) a week
Butter/margarine                     7 oz. (198 gm) a week
Cooking fats                            2 oz. (57 gm) a week
Meat                                        1s. (5p) worth a week
Sugar                                        8 oz. (227 gm) a week
Tea                                           2 oz. (57 gm) a week
Chocolates and sweets             4 oz. (113 gm) a week
Eggs No fixed ration:               1 egg for each ration book when available
Liquid milk                              3 pints a week
Preserves                                  4 oz. (113 gm) a week
Points-rationed Foods              4 points per week

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