30 June 2017

30th June 1948: A cold cycle ride

30 Wed. Very cool becoming rather cold, dismal, stiff N breeze. Got Katie’s rations also collected her shoes from the repairers. To butchers got liver this week. Gwennie & Margaret called. A four mile cycle ride in evening but it was to cold to enjoy.

29 June 2017

29th June 1948: Giant rhubarb

29 Tues. Very cool, very dull, showers on and off all day but not much wind; very unpleasant. Bought fish locally in morning, in afternoon took a parcel to Food Office for Katie to get it stamped then took it to Post Office to be forwarded to Vienna; it contained food for Katie’s sister; they are half-starved in Austria. Also bought scouring powder, steel wool, potted meat and sausage. Gwennie called; gave her some stewed loganberries and custard. To Aunt Liza in evening, she wanted one stick of rhubarb to finish filling a jar; I took one huge stick weighing half a pound.

28 June 2017

28th June 1948: 28 Mon. Phunny stuff

28 Mon. Rather cool for season after a night of rain, many heavy showers and frightful skies but a few sunny periods, very fresh boisterous wind. A card from Ciss at Southbourne. Wrote her what is meant to be a phunny letter and posted. Bought fish at Morden; took Katie’s shoes for repair. Met Mrs Easam.

27 June 2017

27th June 1948: To Church in evening...

27 Sun. Very mild, a few sunny periods in morning, rough chilly wind. The garden looks better and better. To Church in evening: a student from Richmond preached. Went to Alf’s afterward and heard Alan’s gramophone.

26 June 2017

26th June 1948: Fred's visitors

26 Sat. Fine, warm, sunny day, but a steady breeze made it pleasant and not too hot. Got Katie’s meat ration in morning, also fish. The garden looks very nice to-day and repays so much labour expended on it. Ciss went to Southbourne this morning to stay a week. Alb, Lily and Anthony came to tea, gave them a good spread. Anthony seemed to enjoy himself with the kitten from next door. The Sunday School treat to Bognor to-day, the weather was perfect and numbers of children from this road went – all the Thompson family went.

25 June 2017

25th June 1948: Aunt Hannah's treatment

25 Fri. Rather warm, overcast; still. Got the meat, cakes, fish etc. all locally. Cleaned all the windows inside. Gwennie, Laurie and Margaret called. To Harold’s to enquire after Aunt Hannah in hospital: she has had three ray treatments so far. To tell Aunt Liza the news.

24 June 2017

24th June 1948: Home cooking

24 Thur. Very mild, some pleasant sunshine; not much wind; the nicest day for some time. Took the new ration books to butchers and grocers to get them stamped. Got Katie’s rations including a glass jar of pulverised coffee and some icing sugar: she wants to make some coffee sweets. To Morden to buy fish. Donald called, also Aunt Liza, gave her some roses. Picked some loganberries, black-currants, red currants and gooseberries which Ciss made at once into jam.