19 May 2017

'Letters from a WWII Airman' - a special post

Dear Reader,

During the war years, Uncle Fred mentioned visits from John, a young serving airman, from Basingstoke, nephew of Fred's sister-in-law, Lily French. John Hodgkins, RAFVR, served in 428 'Ghost' Squadron (named 'Ghost' because they flew at night). This was a Royal Canadian Air Force squadron based in Yorkshire, part of our own RAF Bomber Command. 

On the night of 3rd October 1943, John died while taking part in a mission over Germany. When his death was confirmed the following year, Uncle Fred wrote: 'I mourn his loss deeply. He used to like to come here to listen to my poor playing on the piano; he was fond of Mozart. He came to tea here only a week before he was posted as missing and I am glad I told him how much I admired his courage and applauded his exploits. R.I.P.'

A few of John's wartime letters, sent to his Aunt and Uncle, have been inherited by me, the Editor of this blog, a baby and toddler at the time. I am frequently mentioned in the letters. I have now published these, along with extensive notes, as a short Kindle book. If you wish to 'LOOK INSIDE' the book or see a description, this is a LINK to the Amazon address.

Regards to all readers of this blog,

Tony French. 

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