2 April 2017

2nd April 1948: crumpets

2 Fri. Cold, very heavy clouds, bitter rough wind; rain most of the day: not nice. Did a lot of shopping in morning – all locally; met Arthur Swift**. Stayed in the rest of the day. Was toasting crumpets when Ciss came home with Cousin Maud, the latter accepted and enjoyed one.

**Note: on many occasions Fred has recorded meeting Arthur Swift (from 'Park Way' - or Parkway). He once met Arthur shortly after he came out of hospital, his having been run down by a car one night during a WWII blackout. Illustration: Google Earth with Arthur's home, 5 Parkway, marked by a cross.

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  1. A few years ago I came across a website that quoted the official toll of deaths and injuries in road accidents during the blackout years. Considering the low car ownership, petrol rationing, and government campaigns to save fuel (“Is your journey really necessary?”), the numbers are appalling.