4 March 2017

4th March 1948: the plant doctor

4 Thur. Cold, dull, E wind a little stronger again. Bought sausage meat and pepper at Johnsons. Fawn darning wool at Jenefer’s. Bought fish at shop where Mrs Philpot serves. Ask her about Winifred Ewens, her sister. She was taken in an ambulance to hospital yesterday for an operation. Met Dear Gladys; it is a delight to meet someone with a lovely disposition who does not grouse or run down other people. Sowed “All the Year Round” lettuce seed, and “James Keeping” onion. Dug up the “Juliet” rose I planted in 1916, cut off the tap roots which had gone deep into cold sour clay. Re-planted on a nice bed of hop manure and a sprinkling of ‘Clamp’ (?) fertilizer near the top. This bush grows a lot of straggly shoots and has not produced a good bloom for many years: it has not bloomed for two years. I suspected what had happened and remedied it to-day. And now we shall see what difference it has made. I increased torque cancellation on the small spar aero.

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