1 February 2017

Fred's family photos XX

We are nearing the end of the collection. There are few if any clues as to the subjects here. In case any researchers read this, well, here's what we have, photo by photo.

1. Studio of R R Wilson, 48 Penrose St, Walworth Rd, London & 63 Wellington St, Woolwich. Now the residence centre left in the photo. 

2. The cutout, from a postcard print format on the reverse (not unusual in early photos) has 8017 and 10x7 Sepia, written in pencil. The ivy, house and clothing give us a rural feel.
3. The bearded gentleman has 1876 in the reverse - a date or a negative number? From Gwyn Collier, 223 Fulham Rd, SW - 'Nearly opposite consumption hospital' - Copies can be obtained at any time and enlarged up to the size of life'. Well, some rapid research shows that the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest existed for just four years, 1842-1846. Could this date our photo? Ironically, as far as we can make out, the area occupied by 223 Fulham Road is now occupied by The Royal Marsden Hospital, neighbouring The Institute of Cancer Research.
4. The child was photographed by Mr & Mrs Ward of  West Croydon, 'Opposite the railway station - Artists & Copyists - Paris, London, Rome, Florence and Venice - Estd 1851. Above their opulent array of city names, they have a small drawing of a positively palatial building. This and the present building deserves a post on its own - so, tomorrow!
5. The unlikely couple with the hats was taken by A Simmons, 258 Westminster Bridge Road, 'Opposite Astley's theatre, five doors from Belvedere Road'. Also at 191 Newington Butts. His reference number for the photo was 3625. 
6. The final, full-skirted lady, resting her arm on a chair (it helped subjects keep still) was C J Hopkins of Epsom.

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