26 February 2017

Extra posts...

Hi there, regular followers of Uncle Fred's diaries,

Sorry about the advance copies of a couple of recent entries. We type about a week ahead and schedule for the day itself. I recently pressed the wrong button. You'll get 5th and 8th March again, on the day!

Meanwhile, here's some ancient stuff from the rather thin family archives. This says PRIMITIVE METHODIST CONNEXION - in case that top line isn't clear. On the reverse is written in a very small hand 'Albert French', i.e. Fred's younger brother, who would have been 8 or 9 years old in 1901. And a rubber or metal stamped inscription inside an oval saying: Primitive Methodist Sunday School - WARHAM STREET.

I'll post further early cards of various sorts in the coming days. - Tony French, 26.2.2017 

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