10 February 2017

9th & 10th Feb 1948: chocolate and golden-brown sideboard; musical doubts

9 Mon. Rather cold by virtue of the strong NW wind but a very clear sunny day with blue sky and fleecy clouds. Finished painting the new sideboard doors which looked very nice in chocolate & golden brown. To buy fish. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Margaret all came; Margaret is getting used to coming now. Leonard Conley showed me a very good little camera which takes pictures on roll film the size of a postage stamp: they are made in Southend.

10 Tues. Rather cold, dull, NW wind blowing hard. The Metropolitan Water Board Inspector came to look at the water fittings and declared the lavatory cistern and the ball valve defective: the landlord must renew in seven days. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish. Had a look in the cycle shops; there are some interesting innovations. Listened to Mahler’s 8th Symphony on the wireless. I reserve my judgement. There are some thrilling and inspiring moments from the orchestra, organ, eight vocalists and many choirs, but I thought some of the orchestration and musical invention surprisingly medieval: there are a thousand performers and eight conductors! A colossal work, but is it a masterpiece?

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