6 February 2017

6th Feb 1948: This Happy Breed

6 Fri. Cold; a day of bright sunshine, heavy skies, thunder and lightning, wind, rain and hail storms. Got the usual week-end provisions, also to Merton to buy fish and cats meat. Gwennie, Laurie and baby Margaret called. The baby is getting to know me and is a little more at home. Dear Dorothy Longhurst came to tea, she brought some large grapefruit. She always enjoys herself here. Ciss took her to see a play at Wimbledon, by amateur actors “This Happy Breed”: Ron Duncton took part. Saw Sheila Crawford to-day: she smiled and said “good afternoon” to me. She is a very tall elegant young lady with very fair hair and a lovely face. I remember when she used to call here as a tiny girl on Sunday afternoons. She came here once wearing a straw bonnet which she herself had trimmed with a wreath of real buttercups & daisies: I think I never saw anything so simple and pretty.

Press for a six-minute clip of this beautifully dated domestic scene - 1944, from the film This Happy Breed

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