4 February 2017

4th Feb 1948: door furniture... and those wings

4 Wed. Very cold, clear, sunny, windy day. Got 9/10½ worth of groceries at Eyles the usual grocers. Also other household requisites. Bought hinges, screws and door knobs for the new sideboard doors at Smaldons. Started building the second door. Made the centre bay for port side aero. wing; set the dihedral for same.

Note: blog reader Fred Brewer, back on 31 March 2011, included this information about Smaldons in his wealth of information about places and events mentioned by Fred.

Smaldons and other shops
Fred mentions Smaldons a number of times. This was a moderately-sized hardware shop in the Kingston Road, number 520, I think, and sold practically everything that would be required for jobs in the home, plus sundries such as mousetraps and paraffin. Kingston Road was the road at which Chestnut, and the other eleven roads turned off from. The other end of the twelve roads was "The Arterial" or Bushey Road (Kingston-by-pass at  that time).

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