28 February 2017

28th & 29th February 1948: no offers of marriage

28 Sat. Rather mild, very little wind, the sunshine had some pleasant warmth in it; the snow should be all gone by tomorrow. Ciss had the morning at home. Gwennie,Laurie & Donald came in morning. To Merton in afternoon; bought liver at the cats meat shop. Ted Green called in evening; he has taken a new job at Air Pumps Ltd and he thought Ciss could give him some advice about his work.

29 Sun. Leap Year Day. No offers of marriage to-day. I am a bachelor of nearly 60 years but never a letter of that sort have I received. I wonder if other men have had such a proposal: I have never heard of one. Mild, dull, dead calm. Oh, what a relief after the wicked weather we have had recently. Flew the new little spar model on the Common with very good results. It flew from the very first attempt but needs very slight adjustments to make it a splendid flyer.

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