9 January 2017

News: Albert's photo goes home - after 100 years

On 31st December we saw a photo taken by Fred's brother, Alb. It was one of the few, in an inherited collection, with a name on the back: simply 'Birchington'. Thanks to Jennie and her friends in the Birchington Heritage Trust, a copy of that photo is now, some 100 years later, with the present owner of the former smithy, and it is displayed in the hall of his neighbouring home. Here we see Alb's photo (top), another photo (from the archives of the Trust), and an aerial snapshot of the area in Birchington, Kent, from Google Earth.

Buddles Forge. Albert French's photo - probably 1920s

The smithy is the nearest building. There's a horse
 in the stable on the left, waiting to be shod.
The windmill has long gone

Birchington, Kent. The former smithy is the second building  in
from the foreground road, in front and to the left of the central white house

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