12 January 2017

Fred's photos, Part VIII: family photos - mostly late 1880s.

Our reader 'Greyfox' has established dates for the photographs, based the photographers' addresses and the resources of - and our taking into account addresses, etc. on the back of the cards. Numbering from the top left, each row in turn. At the time of writing, that isn't pinning down the names of the sitters!
1. James Brown, 1886-88. (Also in Manchester, Leicester & Nottingham - and a different Camberwell Rd number in preceding years.)
2. Walter Bino Brock, 1887-1907. 76 Wandsworth Rd., 'near Vauxhall Railway Station'.
3. Henry Brown, 1888-89. Had numerous addresses in Bermondsey, Southwark & Lambeth, but an address on the card and the website narrows it down to these years.
4. Gilling & Co, 1875-80.  This seems to be an earlier photo than most. 158 Strand, London W.C. Francis Gilling; research shows an earlier photographic career, including time as manager of London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co - stereoscopic photos were very popular in the early decades of photography.
5. Edward Sharp ('patronised by the QUEEN') 1892-1914.  He had 3 addresses, 2 given on our carte de visite - the absence of the thrrd address leaves us with the date-range given here. 
6. William George Henry Wright, 1886-91. Several addresses; resarch shows must be in this period.
7. R Roberts Wilson - to be further rwesearched.
8. James Brown, 1886-88. With 3 London plus Manchester, Leicester and Nottingham addresses - the London address matching this short time-slot. 

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