21 January 2017

Fred's family XIV: Alb's in the army for 95 days

This photo may be nothing to do with brother Albert or Fred himself, we simply do not know. It was with the other family photos. With stripes on their sleeves, it was hardly Alb with a few days service and medically unfit. Can anyone identify the uniform? The photo is torn down the left-hand edge.

On 28th August 1916, Albert was medically examined and declared fit only for sedentary work.
The reverse refers to the ''Area in which registered': Wimbledon; 'Class': 7; 'No in Army Book 414': 29. (Confusingly, there's a date stamp at the top, front, for 22 Aug 1918.)

The story continues. On 16th June 1917, Albert Henry French was examined at Kingston-on-Thames. His age: 25. Height 5ft 9½in. Hair: brown.

Then, on 4th December 1917, we have the following Certificate of Discharge - at age 26 yr 5 months, a quarter-inch taller, with brown eyes and a mole on his back. Other documents include a Medical Card, Employment Card, Ration Paper issued by the Food Controller, and record of his registration under the National Registration Acts.

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