24 January 2017

24th Jan 1948: "Oh, boy, it was scrumptious!"

24 Sat. Cold, dismal, rain all day. Gwennie brought a ration book to let us have some potatoes. Bought fire-wood, firelighters and fish locally. Gwennie called again in afternoon. We played table tennis and had a lovely time together. Councillor and Mrs. McSheahy called to see if we could let them have some jam, yes we could. They are Irish and most charming people. Mr. McSheahy’s face is the most pleasant and good-natured face I have ever seen. Ciss went to Jean Child’s 21st birthday party. Jean sent me some perfectly lovely goodies, which was very kind. I ate the trifle which was in a little card box and it was a heavenly mixture of sponge cake a jelly, a layer of fruit, a layer of blanc-mange, some whipped cream and a glacé cherry on top! Oh, boy, it was scrumptious!

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