23 October 2017

23rd October 1948: Cannizaro

23 Sat. White ground frost but becoming rather mild; a nice sunny afternoon. Cooked a nice “Sunday dinner” this morning: roast beef, baked potatoes etc. Also to fish shop, got accumulator and to the clock shop. This left me the afternoon free so I took my aeroplane to Wimbledon Common accompanied by Gwennie. I was using a tail with the “Eiffel 400” section: it had to be flown with a lot of negative angle but made fine flights, one in particular was a fine glide which took a long time to come down. Went with Gwennie into the grounds of “Cannizaro” a fine mansion in the loveliest of grounds. We picked up a pocket full of beech-nuts. With us picking up beech-mast were three girls Marion, Anne, Pat and their one year old brother John: they not unnaturally spoke to Gwennie. We met Mr. and Mrs. Collis. When I got home Alb, Lily and Anthony were to tea. They brought me 5/- for a birthday present also a small brown tea pot. On reflection it occurred to me that I had never in my life before ever taken a young lady out. Gwennie is a little lady and the first to come with me.

22 October 2017

22nd October 1948: Store cupboard shopping

22 Fri. Mild for time of year, the sun midday was quite pleasant. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. In afternoon to Merton to buy cats meat thence to Wimbledon to buy split peas, dried green peas and seed tapioca. Gwennie and Laurie called in afternoon. Started writing a letter to Harold Marshall.

21 October 2017

21st October 1948: Wishful thinking

21 Thur. Becoming rather mild, drizzle on and off all day: windy. To the butchers, also fish shop locally. To Merton to have a look at the little diesel engines in Norman’s: wish I could buy one. Re-aligning wing & tail and under cart of Len Conley’s spar aero. Heard two Beethoven Piano Sonatas on wireless played by Backhaus.

20 October 2017

20th October 1948: A powerful point of light

20 Wed. Cold, dull, many showers. Got the groceries locally in morning. Bought torch bulbs and fitted one to my torch; focussed to a powerful point of light which carries a great distance. Covered and doped the tail of Len. Conley’s spar aero. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom. Gwennie called in a somewhat larky mood.

19 October 2017

19th October 1948: Wonderful!

19 Tues. White frost, cold bright day but fog at night. Eileen called of course. When I returned from shopping on my bike little 3 years old Brenda came running after me all smiles and making most exquisite sounds of delight at seeing me – wonderful! I bought things both locally and at Merton. Gwennie, Laurie and Margaret called. Gwennie beat me and Laurie at table tennis. Started to alter the tail section of the aero and gave to Len. Conley. It was a Clarke Y but now it is a semi-symmetrical form but with a slight lift. Needs covering & doping now.

18 October 2017

18th October 1948: Birthday tea

18 Mon. Rather cold, some fitful sun in morning, fearful skies later with heavy showers, hail, thunder and lightning. A visit from Eileen, John and Jean. I am 60 to-day. We gave a tea party to Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Margaret. Gwennie gave me a birthday card she had painted containing a verse of poetry. Donald gave me a handkerchief and 34 kisses: he will make it up to 60 another day. Laurie gave me an inaccurate thermometer. Anthony sent me a plastic duck (broken) with two chocolates inside. Did shopping both locally and at Merton. Paid Slate Club in evening.

17 October 2017

17th October 1948: Birthday cake

17 Sun. Very cool, very dull, many heavy showers. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called in morning. A number of other children called. Went for a walk round Cannon Hill Common in afternoon. Laurie, Margaret and Josette Winsley called bringing a piece of cake from Laurie’s birthday tea. Mrs Akroyd came to supper.

16 October 2017

16th October 1948: Spick and span

16 Sat. Very cool, dull, showers: heavy at night. Laurie & Donald called in morning and made a small balsa glider. Polished floor of passage & dining room. Washed tiled front path; polished brass step and knocker, cleaned all the windows inside. Got a good dinner ready. Laurie & Donald again in afternoon bringing Laurie’s toy garage and cars. Bought fish and a paper locally. Started covering with white tissue the modified tail of aero.

15 October 2017

15th October 1948: An aero mod

15 Fri. Cool, dull, some showers. Got all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally also had to go to Merton to buy turmeric for use in making mustard pickle. Lily and Anthony called bringing a bedroom jug and basin to replace one broken by Ron. Drake while he was here. Started modelling the tail section of aero changing it from Clarke Y to Eiffel 400. Washed the sludge out of the big accumulator: should hold a charge better now.

14 October 2017

14th October 1948: Carpentry

14 Thur. Very cool, cloudy: the sun forsook us to-day. Went to butchers in morning. Bought shaving stick. Cats meat at Merton. Balsa strips and balsa cement at Normans. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Margaret came in afternoon. Laurie brought his toy tools and some packing case wood and started to make a tool box aided by Gwennie and myself. What with the four children and the mess I had a lively time. But Donald and Margaret each brought a banana for us so it was not too bad. Slight repairs to tail of aero. I am also going to modify the tail section.

13 October 2017

13th October 1948: Aero activity

13 Wed. White morning frost, becoming rather mild; a little weak sun in afternoon. Got the groceries as usual on Wed. morning. Also bought fish and some very nice pears. Stripped tissue from the tail of aero with a view to re-covering: it has been done nearly two years.

12 October 2017

12th October 1948: Lots of toys!

12 Tues. Very cool, dull morning, a small thunder storm in afternoon, some flashes were quite near, rain, and a few gleams of sun to finish the day. To Merton to buy fish, also bought a birthday card and a book of transfers for Laurie who is 8 to-day. He came bringing some presents ½ doz model cars and a set of carpenters tools. Got Ciss Wellington boots from the repairers. Eileen and Jean called with a nice dolls pram, three assorted dolls, quantities of clothes and dolls toys.

11 October 2017

11th October 1948: Enjoying the flowers

11 Mon. Very cool, very dull, drizzle most of the day; rain setting in later. Madge sent a big bunch of flowers; I divided it and took some to Aunt Liza and some to Aunt Hannah. Bought fish at Merton also a dozen Golden Harvest daffodils, price 8/-.

10 October 2017

10th October 1948: To Epsom Downs

10 Sun. The usual white frost and fog to begin the day but the afternoon was fine and mild with some pleasant sunshine. Eileen turned up to-day all smiles. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald called. In afternoon to Epsom Downs. Saw a great many models – diesels, rubber driven and gliders. I timed a rubber driven model to do a duration of flight of 2 mins 19 secs. I should like to build a diesel model but the engine – one of I.C.C. capacity would cost 45/- and I have only about 5/- at present. Ciss went to pay a visit to Madge to-day, she now lives at Little Kimble near Aylesbury.

9 October 2017

9th October 1948: Fun with the glider

9 Sat. White frost and fog; dull, cold morning, fine, sunny afternoon, the sun was warm and pleasant but it soon got cold again. Ciss had the morning off and as usual was in a very bad temper. Bought fish locally. To Wimbledon Common with Leonard and his spar type aero, also Gwennie, Donald and Laurie. Flew my usual model with good results. Made it tow a small balsa glider. Also made my model take it up under the fuselage and released it automatically. Leonard got fine results with his little model he got about a 35 secs average.

8 October 2017

8th October 1948: Work and play

8 Fri. White frost and fog, rather cool day; calm: fine in afternoon. Got all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally but bought cats meat, a bottle of tomato sauce & a gas mantle at Merton. Did some weeding in garden. Little Jean called: get her some sweets. Gwennie and Laurie called; played pinboard with them: I won. Slight adjustment to aero. Made a small balsa glider.

7 October 2017

7th October 1948: Coal for Mrs Drake

7 Thur. Rather cool, dull and cloudy. Bought sausage meat, vinegar, fire-lighters and fish locally. Took accumulator. Received 2 cwts of coal costing 9/10 for Mrs Drake. Gave Leonard Conley some 3/16 aero rubber. Little Jean was so lovely to-day. She amused me because she was so shy before Mrs Conley and so at home before me.

6 October 2017

6th October 1948: Fresh air!

6 Wed. Very cool, dull: not much wind. Got the groceries; bought a cake, fish: we had soused herrings for tea. Eileen, Jean, John & Charles Prior and Donald called. Flew the 41½ in span model on Wimbledon Common. Made eleven flights, the last one being as good as is possible in the restricted area of the Common. Ciss peeled some shallots with a view to pickling them: the air was so pungent I went for a walk. I went past Annie Chapman’s house and touched the gate.

5 October 2017

5th October 1948: Margaret's lucky escape

5 Tues. White morning frost, rather cool misty day, a little feeble sunshine. Gave Eileen an orange. Took a small clock with a broken spring to be repaired. Bought a new cycle pump – price 5/6 to replace the one I lost: I don’t know how. Took a Church Plan to Aunt Liza. Little Margaret had a cut under her eye she fell on a flower stake in the garden: a narrow escape. Brought in all the tomatoes as the nights are frosty – some will ripen indoors, others will be made into chutney or pickle. Short cycle ride in evening. Mended a pair of ’phone leads for Uncle Tom.

4 October 2017

4th October 1948: Useful ashes

4 Mon. White morning frost, rather cool day, some weak sun in afternoon. Re-made with ashes a side-path in garden. To Morden to buy fish. Laurie and Margaret called. Mrs Drake left here to go to a boarding school in Woking.

3 October 2017

3rd October 1948: Visitors upstairs

3 Sun. Becoming rather mild, some sun in morning, very dull later with a threat of rain. The usual children called with “our three” of course. Katie and her newly arrived friend from Vienna came to have tea with Mrs. Drake upstairs: gave Katie some roses. Went to Church in evening: the service was taken and the sermon preached by Miss Evelyn Wade.

2 October 2017

2nd October 1948: A bargain!

2 Sat. Becoming very mild: dull morning fine sunny afternoon: lovely. Gwennie and Donald called in morning. Donald showed me his new clockwork tip-up lorry which he had just bought with his own saved-up money. He went to the shop, the price was 5/9, he had only 4/9 but the man let him have it at that price. With Leonard Conley to Epsom Downs to see the model aeros of which there were many. Had an enjoyable time: we came back the 9 miles in under ¾ hour. We then flew his small spar model on the playing fields with good results. This is the model I made and gave him. Mended the lock on the back door; had to make a new spring.

1 October 2017

1st October 1948: Glorious sunset

October 1948
1 Fri. Very mild, some moderate sunshine; pleasant. The day closed with one of the most glorious sunsets I have ever seen. I went on my bike to where the road humps up over the railway where I obtained a clear view. I cannot describe the sunset it was beyond any words that I could use. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally but bought fish in Morden in afternoon.

30 September 2017

30th September 1948: A Pied Piper?

30 Thur. White frost which soon dispersed and the temperature rose to 68 in afternoon in which there was much genial sunshine. To butchers in morning and to Merton in afternoon to buy cats meat. Took a print of our house and family group to Aunt Liza who was pleased with it. Took the tortoise back to its owners accompanied by seven small children – all very excited.

29 September 2017

29th September 1948: Passing on skills

29 Wed. Very mild: only a small amount of sunshine after rain but not unpleasant. Got the groceries also fish locally in morning. To see Aunt Liza in afternoon: Margaret was very charming. Sundry children called including Laurie: I gave him a pop-tree seedling in a pot. I made some fine prints of the photo taken on Sunday. I showed Ron Drake how to make prints. I found two negatives of old cars that interested him and he made some prints: he was excited.

28 September 2017

28th September 1948: Photography

28 Tues. Mild to rather warm, dull morning, fine, sunny later. Eileen, Jean and Gwennie called. Bought fish at Coombe Hill in morning. Got Ciss’ miniature watch from the repairers: a metal loop for holding the wristband needed silver-soldering, it had broken off. Planted a hollyhock seedling in its permanent quarters. Wrote letter to Uncle Tom. Last Sunday, Alb took with my camera the photograph of Ciss, Lily, Anthony and myself standing in front of this house. I developed it tonight; it is a fine negative and a great success.

27 September 2017

27th September 1948: Exploring Kingston

27 Mon. Very mild, becoming rather warm: some pleasant sun in afternoon. Eileen, Bobby, John & Charles Prior, Kennie Norris, and Kenney Probert, Gwennie and Margaret called. Margaret, who is now two is lovely and very amusing. Took a letter for Katie to Kingston Hospital, she lives in the staff quarters now. While in Kingston I had a look round and bought fish there. I found a lot of “conkers” by the roadside at Hampton Wick so I brought them home for the kiddies. A little girl named Mary gave me some; she said she had lots in her garden. Did some gardening.

26 September 2017

26th September 1948: Harvest Festival

26 Sun. Rather warm, fine sunny day. The usual children called. It was Harvest Festival and the children brought gifts of flowers and fruits to take to the afternoon service. Gwennie could not go however, her dinner did not agree with her. It was Margaret’s birthday; she is two to-day; she brought a doll and a tiny toy, pink baby in a tiny blue bath to show us. We gave her two pretty cards. Alb, Lily and Anthony came to tea. We walked by the railway to the station and then to the Church. We saw the gifts and the decorations. We also went into the organ loft to let Anthony see the console. Alb took our photographs in front of the house. I went to the Sunday evening Harvest Festival service.

25 September 2017

25th September 1948: The first frost

25 Sat. Thick, white morning frost, but by midday the temperature was 68 degs: a fine, warm, sunny afternoon, but cold again at night. The place was besieged by children. I had a job to turn them out. I had to carry Eileen out who had fixed herself in the armchair. Oh, but I love them. They seem to enjoy my company and they make me very happy. The three Thompson’s came in morning. Bought fish locally, some for ourselves and some for the pussies. Again to Epsom Common to pick blackberries. Got some nice large ones. Ciss made some into jam and the rest are for a pie tomorrow. Bought apples and a fine bunch of grapes for the harvest festival.

24 September 2017

24th September 1948: Peace reigns supreme

24 Fri. Very cool, becoming rather mild; some weak autumnal sunshine in late afternoon. Got the week-end provisions including the sweets. Bought a galvanised coal bin for the lodger: it holds 2 cwt. I wheeled it home on my bicycle; rather a difficult and strenuous task, but I managed it. The usual small children called; gave Bobby an orange: he very soon came back for another but he was unlucky. Gwennie came in afternoon in a rather larky mood but settled down quietly when I gave her a piece of ginger-bread, some cocoa and sugar in a cup and a book – then silence reigned supreme. Did some gardening. Put a pop-tree seedling in a pot for Gwennie but she did not take it.

23 September 2017

23rd September 1948: Giving fun

23 Thur. Very cool becoming rather mild; very cloudy but the sun shone pleasantly for half an hour in late afternoon. To the butchers in morning, thence to Merton to buy cats meat. Saw Dad’s and Mum’s grave which still looks nice. Did some work in the garden. With Leonard Conley and Ron Drake to fly the small spar model on the playing fields with excellent results. I later gave the model to Leonard. I have had a lot of fun out of it and would like him to have it. The three Conley children are fatherless.

22 September 2017

22nd September 1948: Beseiged!

22 Wed. Very cold, slight frost, becoming milder: some sun in afternoon: not a nice day. Got the groceries, also fish locally. Many children called many times: I am besieged by them. They peep through the letter-box to catch a sight of me which seems to delight them: anyway it makes me happy. Gwennie and little Margaret called; the latter enjoyed herself so much she did not want to go home, so I had to carry her. When we got near her house she struggled and screamed so I put her down. She refused to move so I carried her to her mother crying. She is like Gwennie – don’t want to go home.

21 September 2017

21st September 1948: The warmth has gone out of the sun

21 Tues. Rather cold: fine sunny day: the warmth has gone out of the sun; rather windy. My young friends called: they make me very happy. Little Jean who is only three brought her pram and big doll and a miscellaneous assortment of toys. Bought fish at Merton. Remade and glued up a table which had become rickety.

20 September 2017

20th September 1948: The new lodgers

20 Mon. Mild, fine sunny day, but it is no longer summer. Did much shopping locally in morning. Cut the lawn. The three children called early. Mrs. Drake and her 14 year old son came to live here this evening. Mrs. Drake is a widow and works at Kingston Hospital and is a friend of Katie. The boy was interested in my models. Aunt Nellie called in morning. She is wonderful for her 87 years. She brought me some home made rock cakes, a sausage roll and an apple tart; the latter was particularly nice – Aunt Hannah called; she looks very well, better than she has done for years.

19 September 2017

19th September 1948: A little charmer

19 Sun. Mild; dull morning, sunny afternoon: pleasant. The children called including “our three”. Gwennie called later for a pink candle Ciss gave her. Little Eileen called; she is a charming little girl: gave her a cakie – she kissed me.

18 September 2017

18th September 1948: Blackberries

18 Sat. Mild, cloudy morning; rather warm, sunny, genial afternoon: little wind. Cleaned every window and every mirror and piece of looking glass in the house. Did some local shopping in morning and afternoon. Thence to Epsom Common to pick blackberries. I collected a fine lot of really luscious fruit from comparatively few bushes and I never moved far from the spot. I enjoyed picking them as the sunshine was warm and there was no wind. If I had had Gwennie with me how happy I could have been. On reaching home, I found Alb, Lily and Anthony to tea. They had been shopping at Tooting and had called. Mrs. Drake called; she will rent the room vacated by Katie. Katie called to collect a few more of her things and the two pairs of shoes I got repaired for her. I shall miss Katie very much: she is a personality, and has plenty of courage and will power and combines that with a gaiety and sense of humour that overcomes difficulty. I did many things to help her and she was appreciative and generous to the nth degree. She is a remarkable person. The Conley’s came home to-night. I fed the cat and shut it in the house so that they come back from their holiday and found the cat indoors.

17 September 2017

17th September 1948: Cleaning

17 Fri. Rather mild, but a chilly wind; some sunshine in afternoon. The railway agent collected Katie’s trunk. Went to the station to pay 2-5 carriage on it to Kingston. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. Oh, except I bought cat’s fish at Coombe Bridge. Thoroughly cleaned two bedrooms, the staircase and the passage. Gwennie called: she showed me how to play a ball game called Brook Bonds Tea. Am still feeding Conley’s cat, but they come home tomorrow. Ciss came back from Herne Bay to-day: she brought me a nice tweed cap.

16 September 2017

16th September 1948: Tea-time in Bedlam

16 Thur. Rather mild, dull morning some gentle sunshine later. Posted a clothing parcel to Germany for Katie. Bought a blue ball for Gwennie. To butchers. To buy fish. Had Gwennie, Laurie and Donald to tea. And did they make a noise; I told them it was like tea-time in Bedlam. With Katie to the station to tell them to collect a large trunk to be sent to Kingston Hospital. Called in at Mrs. Child’s on my way home. She wanted a list of roses to plant in Autumn so I gave her a list of various coloured roses.

15 September 2017

15th September 1948: A musical evening

15 Wed. Rather mild, some sun in afternoon, slight showers: boisterous. Am feeding Conley’s cat three times a day. Got the groceries for Katie and myself; also fish and other articles; all locally. Went to Len Garrod’s in evening he played the cello I accompanied him on the piano. I also played some Beethoven Sonatas. His is a fine piano but has an extremely heavy, slow touch: one has to work very hard, and in rapid movements it is not possible to get the notes down.

14 September 2017

14th September 1948: Garden animals

14 Tues. Very mild; genial, sunny day: quite a treat. Ciss went to Herne Bay to-day, to join Alb, Lily and Anthony. Took Gwennie to Conley’s to feed their cat. She saw the chickens and rabbit. Mrs Crawford, next door, asked us through the fence to see her garden and chickens. Short cycle ride in evening but it gets dark so early now. To Merton to buy fish also local shopping.

13 September 2017

13th September 1948: Fred's friends

13 Mon. Very cool becoming milder, sunny morning, dull later, cold N wind. Many children called – Gwennie, Donald, Eileen, Kennie, another Kennie, Bobby, Terry, John, Brenda, Jacqueline and Jennifer some many times. Little Eileen said “Shall I see you in the morning”. I shall of course be pleased to have that pleasure. The many children in the new flats are gradually introducing themselves to me. Did some shopping in the morning. Ciss starts her holiday to-day and did some shopping but she goes to Herne Bay to-morrow. Paid the Club. Budded a briar with an orange vermilion polyanthus rose; name not known. I hope it will do: it is a vivid colour.

12 September 2017

12th September 1948: Inward pleasure

12 Sun. Very cool, some sunshine early but very dull and cloudy with rain setting in for the rest of the day. Quite a crowd of children to-day including three Thompson’s. Laurie brought his toy garage to which he has fitted a very impromptu electric lamp. Eileen called and beamed, purred and just gurgled with inward pleasure but had nothing to say; bless her.

11 September 2017

11th September 1948: We won!

11 Sat. Mild, dull, showery morning, fine, sunny intervals later. Calls from sundry small children including Donald. To Merton to see the match by a side got together by Fishlock of Surrey and a local Merton team. The scores were – local team 188 all out County team 98 all out: and so after many years this match has been held, the local side won. I have never seen a poorer display by a County side. I am feeding Conley’s cat this week as they have gone to Margate for a holiday.

10 September 2017

10th September 1948: A better day

10 Fri. Rather warm, lovely sunny morning, cloudy, showers and some sun later: pleasant. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally; got some lights for the cats at the butchers – unusual. Got a cake etc. Met Arthur Swift. Little Eileen was lovely to-day, she makes me very happy: she brought John Prior and a little golden haired girl named Jean. Made them a paper cockyolly birds beak. Cycled to Epsom Common and picked a nice lot of blackberries: had a better day.

9 September 2017

9th September 1948: Phew!

9 Thur. Very mild to rather warm, fine, sunny day but rather boisterous. Helped Katie to make up some clothing parcels for Germany. Bought liver and sausage meat. Eileen, Bobby, Brenda and a new little girl named Jean called many times: just a phew of my young friends. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called, none in a very good mood: gave them each a ride on my bike. Finished cleaning up the shallots – a very good crop. Short cycle ride in evening.

8 September 2017

8th September 1948: May never see her again

8 Wed. Mild, fine sunny morning, but cloudier later but pleasant. Got the groceries, both ours and Katie’s. Eileen calls every morning now, bless her. Took Katie’s food parcel to the Morden Food Office, they passed it and stamped it and the customs declaration forms. I then took it to the post office, paid the postage 4/0 and it will be delivered to Katie’s poor half-starved relatives in Vienna. To Mitcham Cricket Green in afternoon. Saw Mitcham v. R.A.F. Transport Command. The latter batted first and sored 202 for two. The opening pair scored 91 and 104 respectively. I did not see Miss Munz to-day and may never see her again but I shall love her and the memory of her shall always give me pleasure. Started writing a letter to Uncle Tom.

7 September 2017

7th September 1948: Katie is leaving

7 Tues. Mild, becoming much cooler; very dull, cloudy, boisterous. To Morden Food Office to make inquiry for Katie. Bought fish at Coombe. Weeding in garden, trimmed up the sweet briar. Katie tells us she will be leaving us soon and asks if her friend can come instead.

6 September 2017

6th September 1948: A pleasure to watch

6 Mon. Mild, dull, rain in morning, fine afternoon with some soft sunshine. Gave an apple each to John Prior and Eileen Probert. Eileen’s face was radiant with love and thankfulness, really she is a treasure: I later gave her and her brother a sweet each. Her chubby face is a pleasure to watch, her face seems to glow with fondness.
In afternoon to Merton, bought fish also rubber for my aeroplane and tissue paper. Saw Dad’s and Mum’s grave – looks nice. There is a self-sown hearts-ease on it in full bloom. Budded a briar stock with Lady Hillingdon rose. Sent rhubarb and runner beans to Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie.

5 September 2017

5th September 1948: Visits and visitors

5 Sun. Rather mild, dull, cloudy, not much wind. The three called in morning. Cousin Len, Doris his wife and the new baby came to Aunt Liza’s to-day. She is Madeleine, Joan and a dark haired, dark blue eyed little baby. Joey Peter came of course. To Church in evening: a fine sermon by Rev. John Vivian. Went to Len Garrod’s after the service: had a chat chiefly about his recent holiday in Lakeland. Susie Munz is lovely.