29 December 2016

Fred's family facts & photos, Part I: a Christmas Day marriage

FIFTY or more family portraits exist, not one with a name attached, along with a very few official documents. A thorough search of birth, marriage and death records, along with census surveys, would surely reveal more. Meanwhile, here are a few facts gleaned from the documents. We'll work back in time from the very few positive identifications, relying on family likenesses and the locations of photographers' studios - so more posts, with photos, soon!

Fred - i.e. Frederick James French. Born: 18th Oct 1888 or'89.  Lived at 43 Gilbert Road, Lambeth in 1991. Then 66 Chestnut Road, Raynes Park for most of his life. 

66 Chestnut Road in the C21st
Fred's older sister: Theresa  (Ciss). Born 1886. In 1906 working at Hayward Brothers, 319 Kennington Road,  London - they introduced Hayward's Pickles - they owned a factory nearby, and 319 & 321 Kennington Road. (Photo/some history)

Fred's younger brother: Albert Henry French. Born in London on 20th Sept 1891. Attended Faunce Street School, East Lambeth in 1900Lived in Chestnut Rd in 1907. Married Lily Jones & moved to 98 Largewood Avenue, Tolworth. Worked for Messers E R Evans & Co (marine insurance brokers), 12 Lime St, London EC3 - certainly since 1931, until retirement. Business later traded as The British Marine Mutual Insurance Association Ltd.

Fred's father: also Frederick James French, born 14 Aug 1862 at 105 East Street, Lambeth. (Sub-district of Lambeth Church 2nd in the County of Surrey.) (Ref: Certified Copy of Birth Certificate.) Engine Driver & Stoker at time of 1891 census. Died 17th Dec 1947, aged 85.

Fred's mother: Theresa Mary. Died 2nd Jan 1920, aged 56.

Fred's paternal grandmother: Emma French, formerly Smith, of above address, who made her mark 'x'  on above Certificate. 

Fred's paternal grandfather: Daniel William French, Candle Packer.

Fred's grandparents (above) married on Christmas Day, 25th December 1858 at 
St John's, (photo below) Waterloo Road, Waterloo - a rather grand building opposite the station.

Daniel was also living in Waterloo Road, Lambeth. Named on his Marriage Certificate as a Candle Maker.

Fred's great grandfather, father to Emma: Thomas Smith, Plumber (at time of his son's marriage).

Fred's great grandfather, father to Daniel William: another William French, Labourer.

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