5 December 2016

9th-12th Oct 1947: buy brandy for your Dad says doctor... while our Fred longs for Annie Chapman

9 Thur. Mild, very dull; little wind. Took 3 speed hub down, cleaned, adjusted and re-fitted. Took cycle to have a new chain fitted. To station to buy a paper, returning along the little rail path.

Brandy for Dad... just what the doctor ordered!
10 Fri. Becoming rather warm in afternoon – just over 70 degs, some pleasant sun. To butcher’s, fish shop, newspaper & sweet shop. Bought a nice cake. To the Leather Bottel to buy some brandy for Dad as the doctor has ordered it. To cycle shop to get cycle, it has been fitted with a new chain. Three short rides to give it a trial: shall have to find a way to keep the new chain-wheel tight. The running is so silent, smooth and easy it is a pleasure to ride.

11 Sat. Very mild, but only a small amount of sunshine: pleasant. To post office where I bought a birthday card for Laurie and a plastic model of a Green Line bus for him: he is 7 tomorrow. Also bought fish. To Wimbledon Common in afternoon with Chas., Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and Leonard Conley to fly model aero. Made very many excellent flights without mishap. The last light was a take-off from the ground and was best of all. Mrs Jordan to tea, she gave me a shilling and a nice tie for repairing her clock.

12 Sun. Very mild, much sunshine which became very bright and warm in afternoon: a really lovely day almost like summer. It is Laurie’s birthday and he is seven, the three of them came morning and evening bringing some birthday cake: Laurie was wearing his bus conductor’s set – a present. In afternoon cycled round Wimbledon Common hoping to see some modellists but only a man with a toy one was there and that would not go. Met Laura Ashenden and walked a little way with her. Saw dear Annie Chapman; she does not seem to recognise me now, I have aged such a lot since we were in the choir and went on the church outings. I once gave her a ride on the step of my bike: I long to speak to her again.

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