12 December 2016

9th-12th Nov 1947: piano - aircraft model - poorly Aunt - home improvements

9 Sun. Mild for season 61 degs. very dull after slight rain. Little to report, did not go out. Gwennie called in morning to show me her new shoes.

10 Mon. Mild; remarkably fine sunny day. The sunshine was so warm I walked along with my hat in my hand. Along rail path to Wimbledon to buy an enamelled hearth plate at Kennard’s, price 8/11. Fitted same to the hearth in my bedroom. Bought fish locally. Gwennie called: I bought a picture of a little boy from her, she was selling them in aid of the N.C.H.O.** To Slate Club in evening; payed up to the end of the year.

11 Tues. Mild, 62 degs., but the boisterous SW wind, almost gale force made it seem quite cold; very cloudy and dull. To butchers in morning. To Merton cats meat shop in afternoon. Bought tape locally. Gwennie brought the Tuesday loaf as usual. Aunt Liza, in hospital is in a very bad way and grave fears are held as to her recovery.

12 Wed. Very mild, but very rough; cloudy, dull, heavy showers. Anthony is six to-day. Finished tuning the piano. It was very flat but I have tuned it right up to Philharmonic pitch so that it can be played with the organ without transposing the music. I look forward to hearing both instruments being played together. To get the groceries in morning. Also got fish locally. A dear girl served me: she is so naturally charming and reminds me of Gladys. Did some delicate work fitting tissue mounting strips to tail of spar aero.

**Note: NCHO was the National Children's Home & Orphanage. The first National Children's Home was founded in 1868 by Methodist minister Thomas Bowman Stephenson who had been moved by the fate of street children in London. The first home was a renovated stable in Church Street, Waterloo. The first two boys were admitted in 9 July 1869. In 1871 the home was moved to Bonner Road, Lambeth, and girls were admitted. The home was approved by the Wesleyan Methodist Conference in the same year. A year later, in 1872, a second home was opened in Edgworth, Lancashire. An emigration scheme was set up in 1873 and a branch in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada opened - Robert Wade at

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