20 December 2016

9th-12th Dec 1947: To the Leather Bottel to buy more brandy

9 Tues. Cold, dull, E wind. Dad had a very restless night and his condition is grave. After a dose of morphia he had some sleep. Wrote Uncle Tom the latest bulletin. To fish shop & chemists only in morning. Donald called.

10 Wed. Cold, very dull, fog at night. To Eyles to get the groceries. Donald came morning and afternoon. Started carving an 8½ ins. balsa propeller for the small spar model. Ciss went to Tolworth to see Dad. He has got through a bad phase of delirium and is now calm and has had a long sleep. Cousin Maud called to hear the news.

The Leather Bottle
11 Thur. Sharp white frost, very cold, dull day. To the Leather Bottel* to buy more bandy for Dad. To butchers, and they had liver to-day. To Merton in afternoon to buy fish. To station to buy a paper. Donald called morning and afternoon. Ciss went to Tolworth to see dad; there is an improvement in his condition.

12 Fri. Mild for Dec, 50 degs: very dull, drizzle all day. Did all the usual shopping locally. I took Donald with me on the afternoon shopping quest so as to relieve Doris of him for a short while. Received 4 cwt of coal price 18/8. Gwennie called. Ciss went to Tolworth; Dad is maintaining the improvement.

*Note. We suspect this is Fred's deliberate mis-spelling - unless the name has changed - of the 'Leather Bottle', advertised as a '300-year-old pub' (which Fred the Methodist would not normally have frequented) some 600m away from Chestnut Road at 277 Kingston Road.

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