28 December 2016

28th Dec 1947: wonderful musical experience

28 Sun. Becoming cold; dull day but wonderful, bright, full moon at night. Had to begin the day by making the clothes post firm in the ground as the sodden earth had made it loose and to fall forward. Ciss wanted to finish drying the washing to-day so I had to do it. The usual children called. Mrs Akroyd came to tea. Heard the Hammerklavier Sonata of Beethoven for the first time on the wireless. It was played immaculately by Fremy Coborn* and I followed it through from the score: a wonderful musical experience.

*Question: can any reader confirm or correct this name, Fremy/Frenny Coborn? We're not sure we've copied Fred's writing correctly, and can't find any record of the name.

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