17 December 2016

28th-30th Nov 1947: date pudding in a tin.

28 Fri. Severe white frost, very cold, dull day. To butchers, got a nice piece of brisket. Bought a date pudding in a tin. Bought sweets; paid for newspapers. Bought smoked haddock fillet. Met Arthur Swift. To Merton in afternoon to buy liver for cats.

29 Sat. Frost less severe but a raw cold, dismal day with a threat of rain. Made a superb rich, thick pea soup for dinner. To buy fish locally in afternoon, also to chemists and to buy a paper at the station. Gwennie called in afternoon; we played dominoes, threes and fives and she won easily. Ciss took her and Laurie to the bazaar at our South Wimbledon Church.

30 Sun. Severe frost but for a slight thaw in afternoon. Very dismal with fog at night. Gwennie brought a book to show me which she bought at the bazaar for 3d. Laurie brought two solid scale model aircraft he had bought. One belonged to Donald which he soon broke but I repaired it. John Child called in evening: Mrs Akroyd came to supper.

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