27 December 2016

27th Dec 1947: brother Alb is 'laid up with bronchitis'

                             "we shall always call the front bedroom, Dad’s room."

27 Sat. Very mild for season, up to 57 degrees: very dull, cloudy with rain most of the day: very rough indeed. Bought several things at Smaldons in morning. Albert who is laid up with bronchitis is going on the club* so I took a doctor’s certificate to Mr Petts. Bought fish at Merton in afternoon. Hung in the front bedroom, which used to be Dad’s room, two beautiful landscape pictures which I gave him last August for a birthday present: we shall always call the front bedroom, Dad’s room. Beat and brushed the dining room hearth rug; polished to floors of the passage and dining room.

*Note: 'on the club' was British slang meaning away from work due to sickness, especially when receiving sickness benefit

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