2 December 2016

27th-30th Sept 1947: attacked by boys; little Gwennie unwell

27 Sat. Cold dull morning, fine mild sunny afternoon, calm. To Wimbledon to buy fish in afternoon, Gwennie & Laurie called. Coming home from Cannon Hill Common with some acorns on a little truck they were attacked by boys who took some away. They called here as Gwennie was very upset and unwell; I thought she would faint. A cup of water, a rest, a piece of cake, pear and some sweets and a biscuit with jam on it eventually put her right again. I love her a million times better than anyone else in the world. Ciss took the clock I repaired for Mrs. Jordan back to her.

28 Sun. Rather cool, dull. The childish scrawl letter I received yesterday was addressed by Doreen and written by little Kenny Noriss: I thanked him for it; I regard it as an honour. Went to the Harvest Festival in the evening and was greatly cheered: met Harold Rogers. Wrote letter to Dad who is at Herne Bay.

29 Mon. Becoming mild, nice fine, sunny afternoon. Laurie & Donald most of the day. Gwennie called later with Valerie and Janet, dear little girls from Bushey Road. Bought fish and black enamel locally; also bought a postal order. Polished the fork crown of my bike, it had become rusty – looks nice now.

30 Tues. Rather cold, but some nice sunshine in afternoon, calm. Did some local shopping. Trued up and tightened the spokes of back wheel of cycle – much better. Took accumulator and bought a file to be used in fitting the new chain wheel to cycle. Laurie & Donald helped me pick the remaining tomato crop – 34 lbs. I then pulled up the plants as ground frosts threaten.

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