16 December 2016

25th-27th Nov 1947: I have cycled 10,000 miles

Mrs Edward Laxton, strawberry pink rose. (Photo: Pongracz)
25 Tues. Very cold, very clear, brilliant, sunny day, but biting N wind. To Merton in afternoon to buy cats meat and something at Boots. Bought flour and  flavouring essence locally. Planted permanently the new Dame Edith Helen rose. Also I planted rose Duchess of Athol in morning.

26 Wed. Severe white frost which lasted most of the day. Brilliant morning but dull later: bitter E wind. Got the groceries as usual and posted a calendar to Edie Bennett in South Africa. Also to Merton to buy two more roses, Crimson Glory and Mrs. Edward Laxton: strawberry pink. Planted them in afternoon. Cycling back from Merton my cyclometer registered 9,999.9 miles. Got the Conley boys to turn by hand the cyclometer to 10,000 which then went to a row of noughts and I shall have to start all over again. Cooked the Xmas puddings.

27 Thur. Very severe white frost, 7 degs. below freezing, thawed slightly in afternoon, very dull: E wind, slight snow shower. To butchers in morning, also bought fish. Was walking along rail path to Wimbledon when I met Dorothy, and had a little chat with her. To Woolworth’s where I bought 16 Xmas cards and a very pretty coloured paper garland for Xmas decoration. Made two aluminium fittings to hold a mahogany bracket to the lavatory wall.

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