1 December 2016

23rd-26th Sept 1947: clcocksmith... I love Gwennie... Ciss in Herne Bay

The left-hand semi-detached bungalow... 3, Cobbler's Bridge Road, Herne Bay.
This is where Ciss stayed with the family, opposite the railway yard,
 and backing on the railway, to nthe delight of young 'Anthony'
23 Tues. Rather cold, some weak sunshine, nasty wind. Bought Golden Harvest daffodil bulbs in Wimbledon in morning also fish. Ciss went to Herne Bay this morning; Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony are already there. Laurie & Donald played pin-board. Gwennie came later; I read to her. She did not want to go home and she cried; I think there was some sort of trouble: I expect she had been a bit naughty. I love her a lot. Finished assembling Mrs. Jordan’s clock and got it going very well. (I hope.)

24 Wed. Rather cold, some sunshine; cold N wind. Got the groceries and fish locally. Mrs Jordan’s clock is going perfectly. Laurie & Donald was here almost all day. Gwennie came later with some leaves to make a winter bed for the tortoise. It came out this afternoon but soon went back to bed: the children are very interested. Gwennie sang hymns to me and I was charmed: bless the dear love. Started adapting a standard Rudge-Whitworth chain wheel to fit my bike: I hope to fit a new standard chain if I can get a new back sprocket to fit.

25 Thur. Cold morning, milder later with some sun, little wind. Small amount of shopping locally and to Merton to buy cats meat. To see dear Mother’s grave it looks quite nice. There were some self-sown aster seedlings in early summer so I planted them out and they are in full bloom now. Dorothy Longhurst called bringing a table cloth for Ciss.

26 Fri. Cold morning to very mild afternoon; some lovely sunshine in afternoon: very rough indeed. Laurie & Donald in full evidence. Gwennie came and invited me to baby Margaret’s first birthday tea. I went. Cousin Maud was there. I sat beside dear Gwennie and had a happy time. Did all the usual Friday shopping. Did quite a lot of house cleaning. Cousin Alf called in evening. A letter delivered by hand came through the letter box for me. It was addressed in childish printing and the letter inside was just scrawl – a love letter I hope: I do not know the sender but I hope to find out and thank them. Ciss came home at 10.30 p.m. from Herne Bay where she has been staying with Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony.

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