24 December 2016

23rd-24th Dec 1947: Brother Albert collapsed

23 Tues. Cold, clear; the sun nearly came through once. I took a large sheaf of flowers given by Mrs Kingham as a tribute to Dad, to lay on his grave at Merton. The grave has been filled in and the many flowers are laid upon the ground and look very beautiful. I took a notice of Dad’s death to the Wimbledon Boro News office to have it printed in next week’s issue. It is a strange Christmas and the post brings a mixture of Christmas Greetings cards and letters of condolence. To Merton to buy fish , to Wimbledon to buy a rubber-band driven model-racing car for Donald. Met Mrs Spooner and Alan; they had already heard the sad news.

24 Wed. Christmas Eve. Mild for season 48 degrees: clear but not very bright. To butchers, got a nice large piece of beef. Bought saccharin. Three sorts of sweets including some chocolates. Some smoked haddock, cocoa, some fish for cats at Merton, bought a model racing car for Dennis Veale. Got the accumulator, a cycle lamp battery for myself, a battery for Ciss bedroom lamp and a packet of envelopes. Also got some groceries including flour, a tin of green peas, matches, a tin of sardines, a jar of fish paste, also a bottle of ginger wine essence. Gwennie brought us a box of mint creams. Took Uncle Joe a jar of home-made pickled onions. Took Doris a jar of home-made piccalilli. Took the children’s presents to Doris to put in their stockings – a doll’s dressing chest with swinging mirror for Gwennie, a packet of Snap cards for Laurie and a model rubber driven racing car for Donald: Margaret has a plastic duck hanging on the Christmas tree for her. Albert is ill so I phoned Lily tonight. He collapsed and could not go to work yesterday. He appears to have got a touch of pleuro-pneumonia with bronchitis and the doctor has put him on M and B. Lily said he had had a fair amount of light nourishment to-day and he was not too bad; unless he gets worse the doctor will come Saturday.

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