8 December 2016

21st-24th Oct 1947: 31 dead in South Croydon rail disaster; Gwennie has shingles

21 Tues. Frosty, cold, foggy but clearing later. Cold day with a little weak sun in afternoon. Stood in a fish queue for half an hour. Fitted new front mudguard with front extension to cycle; a rather hard and difficult job but a great improvement in appearance and a distinct modernisation. Letter from Fred Fraine in which he offers me a job.

22 Wed. Less cold than yesterday, cloudy but a little weak sun in afternoon; windy. Got the groceries but there was no bacon ration this week. Also bought fish. Bought a secondhand brake stirrup at Whitbourn’s. Re-made same for use on my cycle. Gwennie has shingles so Laurie says, I must inquire tomorrow.

23 Thur. Becoming mild in afternoon with some warm sunshine. To butchers in morning. Hunted around on my bike to buy fish for cats; there is little in the shops as the fishing boats cannot go out as the result of fog. Wet to see Gwennie. She was sitting by the fire looking at picture books. The doctor said she was to go to bed but she thinks otherwise. She has shingles which are painful at times.

The Croydon rail disaster. (Photo:
24 Fri. Very cool, misty, a few feeble gleams of sunshine. To butchers, bakers, post office, news-shop and sweets. Donald came with me part of the time and collected a sweet and a bun: artful little bounder. To Merton to buy cats meat. Also to Morden to look at the bike shops. News of a terrible railway disaster** at South Croydon incurring the death of 31 people and 150 injured.

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