15 December 2016

21st-24th Nov 1947: very mild - Aunt Liza still ill - bought rose bushes

21 Fri. Very mild for Nov. 62 degs. very dull and humid. The damp air makes condensation run down the walls and is loosening the wall-paper. Did the usual shopping: met Laurie & Donald looking at the toys in a shop window. Bought a date pudding in a tin. Doped the wing and tail of aero.

22 Sat. Very mild for Nov. 62 degs, very dull, very rough S wind; some rain. Ann and Victor Conley called in morning; gave them a piano lesson. Wrote them out the gamut also note values. Gwennie & Laurie called, they brought a ration book so that I could have 3 lbs of potatoes from the greengrocer: they are rationed now. Gwennie said Donald and baby Margaret are now down with chicken pox. Bought fish locally in afternoon also a birthday card. Had a new wrist-band fitted to Ciss’ wrist-watch at Elles. Saw a gorgeous new Rudge-Whitworth aero road racer bike at Batemans. Finished in transparent crimson lacquer, with dynamo hub and four-speed gear and two brakes; price £24.8.5. More levelling of the ground where the shelter previously stood.

23 Sun. Very mild, very dull, rather rough. Went to see Aunt Liza who is in Copse Hill hospital. She is very ill and it is not known what is upsetting her stomach. Met Uncle Joe, cousin Maud and Doris who were just coming from the hospital. Met cousin Len & little Joey at the hospital; his wife Doris was at Aunt Liza’s bedside when I went in. Aunt Liza wanted some toilet soap from home so I cycled back, got some and went to the hospital a second time with it. John Child called in evening.

24 Mon. Very cold, brilliant, clear, sunny day; bitter wind. Walked to Wimbledon and back along rail path to buy fish & three pictorial calendars, the latter at Woolworths. Cycled to Wimbledon again in afternoon to buy three rose bushes at Faulkner’s @ 5/- ea.. Dane Edith Helen, pink, Duchess of Athol, orange and Scarlet Queen. Planted the latter and heeled in the two others temporarily. Cycled to Copse Hill Hospital in afternoon to take Aunt Liza’s clothing coupon book. Made a little card speed boat to see if it will move through the water with a piece of camphor at the stern: should amuse the children.

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