3 December 2016

1st-4th Oct 1947: tortoise goes home... for the winter

1 Wed. Very cold dull morning, fine, mild, sunny, calm afternoon. Got the groceries and other requisites locally. Cycled to Worcester Park and N Cheam in afternoon. Plenty of Donald to-day. Posted letter to Uncle Tom. Drew out a plan for a 23 ins span wing for the small spar aeroplane.

2 Thur. Slight morning frost but becoming mild by afternoon; less sun: windy later. The tortoise is still about and the nights are cold. I put him in a box of earth and leaves but found it could climb out, so I made a temporary pen on the lawn to put it in until I could find its owner. I enquired in Bronson Rd. and found it belonged at 81 but no one was at home. However, the lady next door at 79 said she would tell them to ask at 66 Chestnut. A young man Roy Eves called in evening and was glad to retrieve his pet. We knew the Eves family and he knew my name. Roy said he had three tortoises and this one was eight years old. He has a little house for them in the garden but he takes them indoors during the winter. To butchers in morning also other shopping locally. Bought liver for cats, fluxite and solder at Merton in afternoon. Spent hours during the day and evening repairing the ball valve, plunger and rubber of the lavatory cistern. Dear Gwennie called and was lovely.

3 Fri. Cold, becoming mild, a few periods of sunshine. To the butchers, bakers, fish shop, sweets and news shops, chemists and to buy paraffin oil. The children called. Laid a nice tea as I was expecting Mrs. Jordan but she did not come. More fitting of new chain wheel to bike: quite a lot of filing to do.

4 Sat. Cold, becoming mild by afternoon when the sunshine was pleasant: little wind. Managed to finish the shopping in morning so had the afternoon free. Took the geraniums off Mother’s grave, potted them and brought them indoors as we are getting night frosts now. A short ride round Wimbledon Common in afternoon: it was very pleasant there. Aunt Liza called.

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