10 December 2016

1st-4th Nov 1947: bulbs and ribbons

1 Sat. Rather mild, dull, calm. In afternoon to Wimbledon where I bought scilla bulbs. Tried to buy a pudding basin and failed. After leaving a shop empty handed a woman customer followed me out and told me a shop in Haydon’s Road had some, so I went and bought three, two for Mrs. Conley who I met in the Broadway who was also looking for some. Saw Mr & Mrs Spooner also met and spoke to Alan Spooner and his fiancĂ©e Doreen. Planted the scillas and some crocuses on the rockery. Cousin Maud called; she was on her way home by cycle to Streatham: she is very nice. Oh, I polished the dining room floor. Also turned over part of the garden where the shelter stood.

2 Sun. Very cool, dismal. Rain in afternoon. The clocks were put back to G.M.T. to-day. The usual crowd of children called; Connie Freeman came an hour too soon; apparently her clocks were not put back. Mrs Akroyd came to supper.

3 Mon. Mild, brilliant sunny day but a few very slight showers and a lovely rainbow in the afternoon. Dug over part of garden. Bought garden lime. Bought fish and cycle mudguards in Morden.

4 Tues. Rather mild, very dull, light rain most of the day. Wrote a letter each to Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie: posted. Donald called twice; gave him a penny for taking some seed beans out of the pods. Laurie also called; had not a job for him to do but gave him a penny all the same. Lent some cream hair ribbon to Gwennie for her doll. To Merton to buy cats meat. Designed a tail for small spar model and started to build.

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