18 December 2016

1st-4th Dec 1947: wote a letter to the B.B.C.

1 Dec. Monday. Very severe hoar frost; one of the thickest frosts I have seen. Several degrees below freezing all day: very dull, foggy at times. To fish shop in afternoon, also bought firewood and tapers at oil shop. Laurie brought his scale model aero for me to mend.

 "My bedroom clock has been sopping"

2 Tues. Frost was less severe, slight thaw in afternoon; misty, dull. Posted letters in afternoon after writing to Uncle Tom & the B.B.C. To station to buy a paper. Bought torch bulbs at Whitbourn’s. My bedroom clock has been sopping since the cold weather, so I took it down, cleaned, oiled and adjusted it and now it goes all right.

3 Wed. Only a slight frost which completely thawed by the afternoon. Very dismal, misty day with drizzle. Got the groceries. Took Gwennie with me to buy some fish. Showed her how to make paper stencils and she used them to make coloured patterns which pleased her very much.

 "We had a soused herring each for tea – a luxury."

4 Thur. The frosty spell has ended, the day was cold, very dismal and drizzle most of the day. To butchers and fish shop in morning. Bought darning materials and a paper in afternoon. We had a soused herring each for tea – a luxury.

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