7 December 2016

17th-20th Oct 1947: my 59th birthday... flew my model aircraft on Wimbledon Common

17 Fri. Rather cold, becoming mild; dull. Did all the usual Fri. morning shopping locally. Short ride in afternoon, met Miss Dixon and Fred. Cox. Sowed cress seed. To Aunt Liza’s and Aunt Hannah’s. Birthday card and letter from Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie.

18 Sat. Cool becoming mild; very dull, calm. I am 59 to-day. Gwennie & Laurie called and wished me ‘Happy Returns”. Small amount of shopping locally. Celebrated my birthday by taking my aero. accompanied by Leonard and Victor Conley to Wimbledon Common. Being calm I was able to stretch-wind the elastic motor and put many more turns on without the risk of it flying off the Common. Made the machine turn in circles and got the best results ever with this model. Great height was reached and a very long glide down. Fixed Victor’s small balsa glider to the tail of my machine which took it up, eventually it came adrift and glided down on its own. A grand and enjoyable afternoon’s flying.

19 Sun. Rather cold, dull. To Wimbledon Common. Saw a few boys throwing their gliders about, also two young men with models in their hands but no flying. Called on Mrs Jordan and found the clock going: she wanted me to undertake to do another clock but I declined. Glad to light the fire this evening.

20 Mon. Rather cold, dull, small amount of weak sunshine in afternoon, foggy later. To Merton to by fish. To Morden where I bought a new pair of mudguards for cycle: started fitting same. Gwennie brought Margaret but she did not seem so tractable this time and did not want to come in. Planted dear Mother’s grave with Golden Harvest daffodils and Croessus double narcissus. Cleaned the upstairs windows. Bought balsa cement and two pairs of celluloid wheels for the two projected small spar models.

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