22 December 2016

17th-19th Dec 1947: bought black hat & tie and pink plastic duck

17 Wed. Rather cold, dull, slight drizzle most of the day.
Dear Father died at 5.10pm to-day. Ciss stayed up with him all night but left in the afternoon. Lily phoned through to tell us the news and Ciss went back to Tolworth at once. I am glad I made the effort to see him on Saturday. He was 85 last August and worked till he was 74. Always a hard and conscientious worker who never spared himself. I owe it to him and Dear Mother that I was brought up in a Christian home and taught by example to love God and do the right. And what a blessed heritage that is I acknowledge here and shall realise more and more as long as I live. God will reward him richly and I weep for sheer joy that to-day he enters into the fulfilment of the Christian Hope and at last he is re-united with Mother the One he loved the best and will dwell with dear ones gone before to live in Joy and Peace for Ever with the Lord. Amen.

18 Thur. Cold, dismal, drizzle all day. Only Aunt Hannah called to-day. Ciss went to Tolworth to help Lily with the arrangements. The funeral will be on Monday, the service at Cottenham Park Church and the burial at Merton. To Wimbledon in afternoon to buy a black Anthony Eden hat and a black tie. Bought a pink plastic duck for Margaret. To tell Aunt Liza the times of the funeral also to Alf’s where I met Joyce Booth and her young man.

19 Fri. Rather cold, less dull than of late. Did my shopping in the afternoon this Friday, all locally. Also took letters to Mr Petts, Edna Road and Mr Trory, Taunton Avenue. Wrote letters to Mr Conrade and Rev. Chas Staden. Mrs Child called.

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