6 December 2016

13th-16th Oct 1947: smooth bike... exquisite Gwennie

13 Mon. Very mild, dull, calm. Did quite a lot of work on 22 ins. wing for new small spar model. Donald called. To Merton to the cats meat shop. Dear Gwennie called; she trimmed up the jasmine with the secateurs so I gave her a penny: oh, she is exquisite. To pay the Slate Club in evening.

14 Tues. Slight frost morning, also foggy morning and night; mild, dull day. Repaired a broken bedroom chair. Out to fish shop. Visited Mr. Conrade, Mrs. was ill in bed unfortunately. Donald called; he said he was going to take his pedal car to Rudge-Whitworth’s to have a new tyre put on – he meant of course Mr Whitbourne’s shop. Small amount of work on small spar model.

15 Wed. Morning frost, mild day with a small amount of hazy sunshine. Got the groceries in morning also bought vinegar and fish. To Tolworth in afternoon. Found Dad a little better than when I last saw him. The longest cycle ride since I fitted the new chain and sprockets. I felt the benefit, and my bike is so silent smooth and easy running as to be miles an hour faster. Dad came out to see my bike and was surprised how the chromium plated chain wheel brightened up its appearance.

16 Thur. Mild, dull, little wind. To Merton to buy a few things at Boots the Chemists: met Arthur Swift: other shopping locally. Gwennie brought baby Margaret and she came in and did not cry this time; indeed she had a morsel of cake: sweetheart! Finished writing a letter to Fred Fraine. Shaping up the ribs of new spar model.

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