21 December 2016

13th-16th Dec 1947: cycled to see and feed Dad - mumps & pneumonia

13 Sat. Rather mild for season: very dull, wind getting up later. Washed front tiled path, polished brass step and knocker; washed and polished passage floor, beat mats; brushed the carpet. Polished dining room floor, black leaded stove-front. Cleaned tiles behind sink, thoroughly cleaned scullery sink etc. Cooked a good dinner. Got the greengroceries. To fish shop. Bought two large jars of Invalid Bovril at Boots: took them to Tolworth as they are for Dad. Sat with him and helped him to have a small tea. He is still very bad and breathes with difficulty. He is much better but has a long way to go yet. Cycled back from Tolworth in the dark.

14 Sun. Rather cold, extremely dull, wind settles. Stayed in as the weather was so miserable. Usual children called. John Child called in evening: mended a string of electric fairy lights for him. Ciss went to Tolworth. Dad’s chest is easier but his neck and face are swollen up badly: the doctor says it is mumps but the nurse says no. Anyway, he is extremely ill. Cousin Maud called to say that her mother is home from hospital to-day.

15 Mon. Cold, very dull. Mrs Child called to say Dad was about the same; she sat up all night with him. To Merton to buy fish, thence to Morden where I bought a doll’s dressing chest with swivelling mirror; it is a Christmas present for Gwennie. To see Aunt Liza who came out of hospital yesterday: she is not too bad but still weak of course. To Slate Club to get the share-out £1 and to pay four weeks subscriptions. Ciss saw Dad tonight he has got mumps as well as pneumonia but Ciss thought there was a slight improvement.

"Lily phoned in evening to say that the doctor did not think he would last the night"

16 Tues. Cold; not quite so dull. All three children called; Gwennie borrowed my box of paints to take to school. Bought a few things locally. Dad had a serious relapse to-day. Lily phoned in evening to say that the doctor did not think he would last the night. So it seems the end is near. Mrs Collis called to hear the news. Then Alf called. Ciss went at once to Tolworth.

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