27 November 2016

5th-9th Sept 1947: model boats and planes... excited children

5 Fri. becoming rather warm by afternoon. Mostly overcast but very pleasant and calm. Did the usual shopping in morning also buying a new high-tension battery at Whitbourn’s. The wireless is giving fine quality reproduction and I enjoyed the Beethoven Emperor Piano Concerto played by Dame Myra Hess. Picked seven pounds of ripe tomatoes. They are very successful this year and there is a glut.

6 Sat. Rather warm, fine with soft sunshine, calm. Posted two letters in afternoon also a small amount of shopping. Made up a new elastic motor for my aeroplane. Took Gwennie, Laurie and Donald to Wimbledon Common. Made a few short flights at this end of the Common. They paddled in the Rushmere and were very excited at the model speed boats – hydroplanes that were roved round a stake driven in the bed of the pond and attached to it by a line. Also saw Jeanette McAinsh and her Uncle up there. Am sure they enjoyed themselves – I did very much!

7 Sun. Rather warm, some sunshine early but dull and cloudy later; still calm. A crowd of
children called and were disappointed that the tortoise has gone elsewhere. Aunt Hannah and
Mrs Akroyd came to tea. To Church in evening and heard an inspiring sermon by Rev John
Vivian: a helpful service altogether.

8 Mon. Very mild, some pleasant sunny periods. Did more repairs to the tiled front path:
looks quite respectable now. To Merton to buy fish in afternoon. Also bought some balsa and
other model aero supplies at Normans. Saw his baby son Brian – 12 months old and just like
his father. The three children called. “Harvested” the onion crop 4½ lbs not a large amount
but useful.

9 Tues. Very mild, cloudy but a little hazy sunshine, rather rough. Shopping locally also
bought fish at Merton. The children called.

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