15 November 2016

28th-31st July 1947: new shirt & clean trilby... and a tortoise

28 Mon. Very warm, sunny morning, dull, close, showers later. Bought fish and tinned foods locally. To Wimbledon to buy another shirt like the one I bought on Saturday. Cycled to Ruxley in afternoon but had to come back as it was raining – lightly, but I thought it wise to return.

29 Tues. Very warm, glorious sunny day. Did some shopping locally in morning. Cycled to Epsom Common and enjoyed myself very much: came back burnt up with the sunshine. Put fertilizer on tomato plants; they are growing rampantly and are full of fruit; some will be ripe soon.

30 Wed. Rather warm, dull, cloudy, windy. Got the groceries as usual also other things locally. Cleaned my fawn trilby hat with ammonia. Dug up the shallot crop. Played Beethoven.

31 Thur. Rather cool, dull morning, rather warm, sunny afternoon. Not much shopping to-day. Weeded part of the garden. In afternoon and evening went to dear Mother’s grave; planted daisies and asters. Picked the last of the loganberries and stewed them. There has been a tortoise in the garden for two days. It sometimes gets into 68’s garden where it interests Dennis and puzzles him.

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