25 November 2016

28th-31st August 1947: this is summer... sun and sands

"'...impressed by the giant dahlia"
28 Thur. Rather warm, lovely sunny day: the sun shone with scarcely a cloud in the sky. Ann Conley came home yesterday after a month’s holiday & came to see me; she is very friendly. Small amount of shopping locally. The three children called morning and evening. Ciss gave them a clay pipe and Gwennie & Donald blew bubbles with it.

29 Fri. Fairly warm, lovely sunny day. Did the usual shopping in morning. Cousin Doris had to go to the Nelson Hospital to have a slight operation on her eye, so I took Gwennie, Laurie and Donald to Holland Gardens. We played cricket – Gwennie was top scorer. We had a look at the lovely show of dahlias and looked at their names: Gwennie was very impressed by the giant dahlia like a flaming red sun called Prince of Persia. Watered dear Mother’s grave.

30 Sat. Very mild, a fair amount of happy sunshine: pleasant. Victor & Ann Conley came to see the tortoise. Bought fish locally also took Ciss’ shoes for repair. In afternoon cycled to Epsom Common and picked a pound of really large ripe blackberries.

31 Sun. Very mild, much bright sunshine but very windy. The children came – many of them and the tortoise was on view for them. Gwennie brought a glass tube of coloured sands send by Cousin Maud from Sandown. Went to Church in evening. Dear Cousin Maud called looking very sunburnt after her holiday in the Isle of Wight.

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