14 November 2016

25th-27th July 1947: beautiful miniature

25 Fri. Warm, fine, sunny day. The sun was hazy, if the sky had been clear it would have been a scorcher. Got all the usual week-end provisions locally. Bought tomato fertilizer at Boots. Bought aeroplane rubber at Norman’s: he showed me a beautiful miniature diesel motor for powering light model aircraft it weighs only four and a half ozs, revs at 7.000 per minute and costs £5.0.0 Cleaned all the windows on the inside. To dear Mother’s grave: the geraniums are lovely.

26 Sat. Warm, glorious sunny day. Bought cats fish locally. Thence to Wimbledon: bought haricot beans and dried green peas. Also a green shirt with attached collar. Dorothy Longhurst came to tea and supper. We played dominoes and showed her some card tricks. She obviously enjoyed her visit and I am sure I did. Went to the Chase bus stop with her and saw her aboard. A happy day.

27 Sun. Warm. First half of day dull and close, second half of day, brilliant; hot sunshine but a boisterous wind. Walked along Arterial Road in evening and along Beverley Way as far as the railway viaduct, watching the trains pass underneath.

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