24 November 2016

25th-27th Aug 1947: children, magic and poppies

25 Mon. Becoming fairly warm with much pleasant sunshine: less wind. The children called in morning with some peas to give to the tortoise which relished them. Played with the children on Cannon Hill Common. They came again in afternoon: I showed them a trick with the dominoes. To water dear Mother’s grave in evening.

26 Tues. Becoming fairly warm with some pleasant sunny periods. The three children called. Gwennie brought the loaf in evening – and didn’t want to go home. Told her about a bottle trick. She told her father and he is going to make one. Cleaned all the windows. Am gradually harvesting the poppy seeds and doing them up in named plackets. The tomatoes are ripening and we shall have a plenty-ful (sic) supply for some time now.

27 Wed. Rather warm; fine sunny day but a very strong breeze. Got the groceries as usual. Also fish and other things locally. The children called. Later, they came with the “bottle imps”, two of them in bottles of water: their father made them to-day. Aunt Liza called. To Epsom Common: picked 2¼ lbs of blackberries which Ciss promptly made into blackberry and apple jelly.

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