23 November 2016

22nd-24th Aug 1947: happy pussies & happy Fred

22 Fri. Fairly warm, the sunshine was intermittent and not very powerful but another fine day, very rough however. Did all the usual shopping and was surprised to get some liver at the butcher’s and more surprised still when he said I could have some lights: the pussies were pleased. The children called and had a lively afternoon. Played dominoes. I played table tennis with Gwennie: I let her win a game. Read to her about a nightingale.

23 Sat. Fairly warm, some gentle intermittent sunshine with a short thunder shower in evening. Saw Chas, Doris and the children go past in a car; they are going to the seaside again to-day. Did some shopping locally. To Epsom in afternoon; watched a working men’s cricket match at Stamford Green, then sat beside the lake on Epsom Common. Cycled home in a thunderstorm and got soaked through and I did enjoy it!!! Really I did.

24 Sun. Cool, dull morning becoming rather warm later with much bright sunshine. The children called, gave them some beetroot salad. Gwennie brought a quill pen made from a gull’s feather by her father; the feather was found at the seaside where they went yesterday. To Church in evening: the sermon was preached by Mr A Wade. Walked in Holland Gardens: the flowers were lovely, especially the dahlias. 

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