30 November 2016

18th-22nd Sept 1947: cricket, a marriage and a glider

18 Thur. Mild, very dull day after a night of deluge and some thunder. Only a small amount of shopping locally. Had an easy day after the exertions of yesterday. Walk along rail path in evening.

19 Fri. rather mild, dull, some rain and thunder at night. Got the usual provisions in morning. Ciss came home from Bedford.

20 Sat. Very mild, very dull and cloudy, showery humid. Did a lot of shopping locally also to Wimbledon; finished the shopping before dinner. Took Gwennie, Laurie and Donald to the cricket match on Merton’s ground between a Wimbledon and District side and Fishlock’s County side: the county men were all famous players including some Test Match men. The local side were all out for 133 and the County team were 167 for 4 wickets, Fishlock being 103 not out. Second cousin Alan was married to Vera at Skegness to-day: sent them a telegram of congratulations and best wishes: Skegness is the bride’s home but they will live with Cousin Alf and Lily at Raynes Park.

21 Sun. Mild, dull, windy. The usual children called. Short walk in evening; met John Child. Laurie brought a small model racing car for me to fix a wheel which will not stay on.

22 Mon. Mild, dull, windy; a small amount of weak sunshine. The tortoise which has been missing for some weeks turned up to-day looking very sleepy. He did not eat much but yawned – so very tired. I dug a hole and put him in it. He burrowed into the soil and seemed to have decided to turn in for the winter. I shall fill the hole with leaves and cover it with carpet. Laurie brought a new balsa glider for me to see he later brought it for me to repair. Gwennie & Donald also called. Started cleaning a cuckoo clock movement which Mrs. Jordan had lubricated with cod-liver oil and malt extract – very tasty but not good for a clock. Cleaned all the windows inside also overmantels and looking glasses. 

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