21 November 2016

16th-18th Aug 1947: running repairs.. graves... and holy stuff

16 Sat. Very warm, up to 86 in the shade; glorious sunny day but rather boisterous. Did some shopping locally. In afternoon with Leonard Conley to Epsom Common and thence to Oxshott: by cycle of course. He punctured at Hook and as neither of us had mending equipment, bought a repair outfit at a garage. Mended the puncture at the roadside and proceeded on our way. To water Dear Mother’s grave in late evening.

17 Sun. Very warm – 86 in the shade; lovely sunny day. Gwennie called in her lovely new white silk dress. She cut a nice bunch of sweet peas. Went to Church in evening; also stayed to partake of Holy Communion.

18 Mon. Very warm, lovely sunny day. Bought fish at Merton also a cycle lamp battery. Called to see Willie Willmot but he was out. Bought tea locally. Cycled through Richmond Park to see the lovely Richmond Hill view. The garden is dried up. I watered liberally but the plants all look in a bad way.

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