29 November 2016

15th-17th Sept 1947: Cheam, Banstead, Belmont, Burgh, Heath, Walton on Hill... Box Hill

15 Mon. Rather warm, some pleasant sunshine – a nice day for so late in the season. Did some shopping locally. To see Uncle Ben at Malden in afternoon: admired his aquarium with many fish in it and some graceful water plants. Gwennie & Laurie called. Did some work on the propeller gear of new spar type aeroplane.

16 Tues. rather warm, nice sunny morning but dull later; very boisterous. Did shopping locally of course. Did more work on propeller gear of spar model. Gwennie sang to my piano accompaniment. Short walk in evening.

17 Wed. Very mild: some nice sunshine, calm: a lovely day for the time of year. Got the groceries etc locally in morning. Had an early dinner so as to make an early start on a bike ride to Box hill. This time I went via Cheam, Banstead, Belmont, Burgh, Heath, Walton on Hill, which leads right out to the top of Box Hill. The day was very clear and the view was wonderful. Chanctonbury Ring in Sussex 20 miles away was clearly visible. It is possible to see the sea through Shoreham Gap but that is a rare occurrence. A nice ride which whetted my appetite for further exploration. A letter from Rev. Chas. Staden.

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