28 November 2016

10th-14th Sept 1947: young scientists?

10 Wed. Rather warm, some pleasant sunshine: a nice day. Got the groceries locally. The
children called. Gwennie brought a little glass bulb with a jet, the whole being mounted on a
copper wire frame. Water in the bulb is boiled over a candle and a jet of steam issuing from a
thin glass tube causes it to rotate at a good speed. Her father made it – a clever little
appliance. A short walk in the evening. Oh, in the morning I put up a rustic arch in the garden
for the loganberries to climb over.

11 Thur. Rather warm, glorious sunny day with a blue sky and only the slightest of white
clouds. Did shopping locally morning and afternoon; got some liver at the butchers. Had
Gwennie and Donald almost all day except when Gwennie went to the clinic to have two
teeth removed. She was soon back again although she had gas. Put the carpet back on the
stairs – looks better. Short cycle ride in evening.

12 Fri. Very mild, very dull, some very fine rain in morning. Did the usual Fri. morning
shopping. The sweet ration was double to-day: one pound. Donald was here all day and
Laurie came later. Made them a compressed air turbine – on a miniature scale of course,
made out of a cocoa tin which is pumped up be a bike pump and turns a small rotary fan.
Small amount of work on new spar model. A parcel of dried fruits and some sweets arrived
from Edie Bennett who is in Johannesburg.

13 Sat. Very mild, dull, cloudy, slight rain. Ciss had the morning off from work. Did
shopping locally in afternoon also to Wimbledon. Gwennie and Donald called. Gwennie was
especially charming and lovable. Laurie brought the compressed air engine I made him and
worked it. Mrs Matson and Mrs Brown came to tea.

14 Sun. Very mild, very dull. The usual crowd of children called. Went to church in evening,
the Rev L Hooper took the service. Called in at 34 as cousin Len, Doris and little Joseph was

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