19 November 2016

10th-12th Aug 1947: "Jesu priceless treasure"... & proud of radio!

10 Sun. Rather warm, dull morning, fine later. Went to Church in evening; the preacher was the new minister from Stoneleigh. I loved the singing of “Jesu priceless treasure” to a 15th century tune.

11 Mon. Rather warm, overcast morning, sunny later. The three children called and saw the tortoise which is in the garden again. It ate green peas with obvious enjoyment much to the amusement of the children. Gwennie brought Margaret later. Cycled to pay the club in company with Leonard Conley.

12 Tues. Rather warm, dull, overcast morning, sunny afternoon. The three children called; gave Gwennie her birthday card, she is nine to-day. Alan Spooner called bringing a 5 valve super-het wireless set, which he tried here with good results, but certainly not the equal of my straight three set. Bought fish locally. Planted daisy roots raised from seed in this garden. Put some on the rockery and some in a border.

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